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The popularity of online dating is currently at an all-time high because people are shifting their focus on virtual relationships. So, this is the perfect opportunity to cash in on a dating app.

But for some reason, your app never seems to break into the market. Your users are always complaining about the stress they experience whenever they try to find a bride on your app.

Now, this is a problem you need to fix quite fast if you want to stay competitive in the dating industry. You want your dating app to provide a unique and pleasurable dating experience like Tinder and Bumble.

But how can you improve your dating app’s usability and challenge the competition?

Copy from the best

Let’s face it; every dating app is a slightly-adjusted replica of another platform. It seems everybody is trying to copy Tinder (and for good reasons).

That’s right. You can easily borrow the good things about the best dating platforms for your app, like the ‘swipe’ feature. But don’t fall into the copycat hole; explore your creativity. Look at the dating industry and find out consumer concerns. Addressing them will help you come up with a user-friendly product.

If you come up with a Tinderesque app, you will fade into obscurity quite fast. Users will prefer sticking with the established name rather than a copycat version.

So, you could combine the swipe feature with a ‘maybe’ option and add video call capabilities to your app.

Add extra filters

Think about it: anytime you visit an online shop, you want to find the exact match without scrolling through the entire catalog. You are looking for that particular dress within a given price range. And if you don’t find anything, you’ll expand the search parameters to accommodate more options.

This same logic applies when searching for mail order wives on a dating app. Nobody wants to go through millions of women in search of that one.

Therefore, your app’s design should always focus on simplifying the search for the users. Add additional filters that will help narrow down the search based on proximity, age, and preferences. You can also use AI matching algorithms to suggest matches based on habits and worldview.

Another feature coming into prominence is the proximity feature that shows users with whom you crossed paths — cool, eh? This algorithm is the focal point of apps like Happn. But you can add this feature as one of the extra search parameters.

Keep the design neat

Admit it; you’ve used apps in the past that made you wonder if the designers were high or just plain amateurs. The buttons are all out of sorts and uncharacteristically large, and finding the main menu is like a treasure hunt.

Don’t let your app be that 2.5-rated garbage on the Store. Hire a UI/UX designer to come up with a realistic design optimized for mobile devices.

Include more security features

Users will stay away from your app if they have doubts about their security. They want to make sure that all personal data will remain safe.

So, add a two-step verification protocol during sign up. It is also advisable to provide safe payment portals for users interested in buying wife online.

Remove unnecessary ads

Monetization of traffic is the most important aspect of creating a dating app or website. So, it is understandable to place a few ads on the app.

But you must note that excessive ads will make the user experience a nightmare. No one wants to surf through millions of ads while searching for an Asian bride.

However, you can avoid this ad problem by considering other means of monetization. You can create a subscription plan that includes ad-free browsing on the app. At least, the client will find an incentive to remove the ads.

Offer additional services

Although ad-free browsing is a priceless jewel when using a dating app, users won’t rush to pay for a membership if that’s all you have to offer. Include other services like virtual gifts and translation services as part of a subscription bundle. These services always entice people to pay for membership.

Even if you run a credit-based system, make sure other services are available apart from the standard texting and search features. Add video and phone call capabilities to the app. You can even allow cam shows if you have the server capabilities for those.

Quality Assurance

Before you start your rollout campaign for the dating app or any new feature, make sure that every facet is in order. Hire an expert to test every feature and suggest changes. You can also send the beta version to your friends and loyal clients for feedback.

In essence, you can take your dating app to the next level by making a few changes. All you need is to pay attention to the market and identify user demands. If you address these problems properly, your app will become a hit in the App Store.