Boost Your Day with the Wonderful Flavors Bamenda Coffee Has to Offer

Consumer Update

You know good coffee when you drink it, right? Strong, high-quality coffee is evident on the first sip.

But it’s not all about gaining that energy boost that helps you get your day started, flavor is just as important.

A lot goes into making the perfect coffee – not the least of which is where the coffee beans are grown.

Coffee that’s grown in higher altitude and elevations, produce harder and denser beans which are more rich and flavorful.

That’s the secret behind Bamenda Coffee.

These coffee beans are grown at high altitudes so they grow slower, allowing them to develop more complex sugars & improve the flavor.

That’s what makes Bamenda’s 100% Arabica and Robusta coffee so tasty.

But to be a leader in the world of coffee, you have to go further. Not only do they grow some of the best coffee around, but they also pay it forward by helping educate future coffee farmers.

They’ve partnered with the Leshey Foundation to ensure growers and their families gain access to a reliable source of income and entrepreneurship education.

To learn more about how you can boost your day with flavor, visit today.