Wave Your Stars and Stripes with Atlantic Flag & Pole

Consumer Update

This country was built on patriotism and the idea that we could be a free country for all. So why not feel proud by flying the stars and stripes of the American Flag. Atlantic Flag & Pole is a patriotic company that specializes in the highest quality telescoping flagpole products, all made in the USA.

The mission is to create products that allow Americans to stand proud and show off their patriotic colors.

Their main product – the telescoping flagpole kit – stands out in its quality craftsmanship.

The high-quality flag sits atop a retractable flagpole that can be raised or lowered with ease.

The unique locking mechanism keeps the flag flying high with no chance of the wind or heavy elements knocking it down.

The best part of it is there are no ropes, no chains, and no pulleys. That means you won’t have to worry about knots and tangles and snapped lines. It also means no clanging chain in the wind, something you hear too often with older flags.

The resident swivel ring harness where the flags are mounted, allows for your flag to fly freely 360 degrees around the pole without the flag wrapping itself up around the flagpole

It causes less wear and tear on Old Glory and allows it to last longer. The thick, robust base is the final touch to make sure your flag flies high and strong, no matter how windy it gets.

Fly the stars and stripes at home or when you go tailgating.

With a great warranty and solid design, you’ll be flying it for generations to come.

To purchase this robust, long-lasting, and affordable flag and retractable flagpole, head on over to AtlanticFlagPole.com and support American Made.