Beeseet is the Mobile App Saving Patients’ and Doctors’ Time

Health News/Consumer Update

So much of the success in our treatment depends on making sure that we follow medical advice properly. But how can we? As patients, we forget up to 80% of what doctors tell us during the visit.

Beeseet is a virtual medical assistant that uses voice transcription to allow doctors to create rich follow-up instructions 6 times faster. And their Artificial Intelligence uses that information to educate patients on their condition and treatment.

Doctors don’t have enough time to create clear enough treatment instructions in the
conventional way.

Beeseet is the first secure, intuitive mobile app, made to save doctor’s time and give patients all the medical critical information they need to stay on top of their treatment.

Using AI, Beeseet automatically detects the most important information and creates a personalized treatment virtual conversation.

With Beeseet, we finally have a tool created by doctors, designed to empower patients to correctly follow their medical advice.

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