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For one of the world’s freest nations, the United States is remarkably behind on its gambling legislation.

In all but a handful of states, gambling is almost totally illegal in the USA except for in a few special circumstances.

Online gambling is even tough to enjoy in the States, with only Delaware, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Nevada legalising the activity.

In countries like the UK, online gambling is fully legal and has even created a variety of cottage industries such as bingo review sites. Websites like Bingo Sites provide help to bingo players by providing independent reviews of bingo sites and vetting them to spot any rogue operators.

Yet, as some states in the US look toward legalisation of online bingo and other forms of gambling, many in the USA are gearing up for an online bingo boom. With the gambling industry in the United States assumed to be worth something like $160 billion per year, there can be no surprise as to the rumblings around online bingo legalisation in the US.

How, exactly, does this happen? Well, the fact is that illegal gambling is a multibillion-dollar industry throughout the United States. As a result, plenty of leading figures have called for the full legalisation of gambling in the nation to combat this.

In this article, we will look at how the USA preparing for online boom.

Is online gambling legal in the USA?

Across the US, a law called the federal wire act prohibits the majority of gambling activity, including online bingo. types of betting. When, in 2018, the Supreme Court overruled a 1992 ruling that said that betting was illegal, many hoped that there would be a wholesale change afoot.

As we have already mentioned, many hope that the lucrative nature of illegal gambling will push lawmakers to legalise the pursuit and allow players to legally enjoy online bingo and other games.

With that said, the proposed legalisation of online gambling is yet to see any concrete change.

What is the future of online gambling in the USA?

Many hope that the future of online gambling in the USA is rooted in an online bingo boom. With so many visiting halls to play the game across the nation, plenty are wondering why the online version can’t be legalised too.

Nations like the UK have seen a huge economic boom due to legalising and regulating online gambling. Plenty of casinos provide newcomers top offers as an incentive to get started with them.

If this came in the US, where the market is much larger, the potential economic impact could be huge. Indeed, an online bingo boom seems like it would be nothing but good news for the nation.

In addition, if the United States can develop into a hub for online bingo sites, the huge number of employment opportunities that might come about as a result could cause a seriously great change in the nation’s financial fortunes.