Step Right Into Super Soft Felt by Felts Health Shoes

Consumer Update

Did you know that there are approximately 14,000 nerve endings in your feet? Well, let’s just say that taking care of them is an understatement – especially since they hold up the entire weight of our body!

If you have an idea of the breathability and warmth of Merino Wool, check out these Health Shoes.

Felts Health Shoes are super soft felted Merino shoes that conform to the shape of your foot.

They give real comfort to our hard-working feet. Experience something conventional shoes make almost impossible – and that’s good blood circulation.

You can wear Felts with or without socks, as they are machine washable.

Merino Wool is the most comfortable of all wools and fabrics and now it’s going to work on your precious feet. Each sustainable, 100% handcrafted shoe is made with a nettle fabric outsole. The nettle allows Merino Wool to work and keeps your feet moisturized and bacteria-free.

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