Innovative Bikes Created with E-Bike Drive Systems from MAHLE

Consumer Update

The popularity of E-bikes has exploded over the last several years.

Yet as the industry trended towards more powerful and heavier bikes, users began to demand lighter bikes that were just more practical to use every day.

That’s where MAHLE comes in. A leading auto component manufacturer, MAHLE expanded into the e-bike industry and developed the SmartBike System that is now being used in over 20 major brands.

Their lightweight components drive performance and allow e-bike manufacturers to focus on slim frame designs resulting in some of the most advanced E-Bikes ever to hit the market.

The intelligence of the MAHLE system allows it to be connected to ANT+ devices like sports watches and heart rate monitors, providing full analytics to the rider. The accompanying web and mobile apps allow the rider to fully configure the ride experience, review ride data, and view the E-Bike ride via Bluetooth.

It also allows the dealer to service bikes using the data from the system.

And because the MAHLE SmartBike System is so lightweight, it’s easily integrated into the frame of the E-bike without adding bulk or detracting from the design of the bike.

The result is the ultimate smart bike that’s sleek looking and easier to operate and maintain.

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