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Poker is easier to play than ever before. The digital age has opened new doorways for any keen player. There are hundreds of options for both gambling and simply just enjoy a game with friends. Out of the hundreds of free poker apps out there, some are naturally better than others. There is a wide variation in quality and games cater to different needs and wants, depending on the target public. 

If you feel like you want to play for money, there are apps for this and a whole host of online casino games available. Playing for money certainly adds a more competitive and exciting element to a game, but it can also be fun, or relaxing, to play a game with nothing at stake. In general, the higher quality apps will require payment, but there are some surprisingly good-quality free apps available to the avid poker player. Here is a look at some of the best free options available to you.


Specifically designed to be played on smartphones and for mobile gaming, Pokerrrr is available on both Apple and Android. This is a great app for connecting with friends and is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. One of the most unique and rewarding features is that it allows users to create their own private leagues to share and enjoy. It is completely geared towards social use, allows you to set the parameters you would like.  It is the perfect app to use if you have friends in different locations; you can happily use the app and its chat feature allows you to send messages and even send voice messages. It is a truly interactive experience! 

PokerStars mobile app

Available on both Android and IOS, the PokerStars app is easy to download and functions quickly and well on all devices. PokerStars is one of the biggest poker rooms in the world and the app is the same format as the PC version. The app is free to download, you will have to create an account with PokerStars (which is also free) before using the app. There are multiple game options to choose from and you can invite friends to play and set the stake, the currency and choose whether you are playing for money or fun.

Poker Heat

This app was made by the World Series of Poker Team. You can rest assured that it was created by poker players, for poker players. They collaborated to make the best poker experience for gamers. Within the game, you are set targets and goals and you attempt to rise through the ranks to the top. You will play in various rooms, with opponents of varying standards. You are also able to add friends and create games between each other and with its eye-catching designs and unique features, it is one of the most interesting options out there.


The 888poker app is very similar in style to the PokerStars app and it is available on both Android and IOS. You can sign up friends and create your own tournaments and leagues. It works by providing a code for the creator of the game and players use this code to join. Again, you can decide if you want to play for money or for fun and this can be arranged using the app. It is simple and easy to use and easily accessible.

So, be sure to check these apps and don’t forget it’s not just apps that offer poker, there are plenty of online casinos offering great deals. Maybe you fancy taking the step to the next level?

Why not test the apps and find out which one is your ace in the hand! Whether you are Apple or Android you will find you hold all the cards when it comes to poker, enjoy!

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