Bunzee Bands Are Taking Secure Hair Holds to the Next Level

Consumer Update

If you’re someone who has long hair, keeping track of hair ties is probably the bane of your existence. Not to mention, all those hair ties will eventually snap, stretch out and probably break a bunch of your hair before being tossed someday.

Bunzee Bands is looking to revolutionize this age-old struggle, and for the better… much better.

“Bunzees” are new cushioned hair ties that really take “secure holds” to the next level.
Unlike traditional constricting hair ties that continuously tug on your scalp all day, which leads to that infamous “hair tie headache”, Bunzees don’t.

Bunzee Bands

Their network of interior bands and densely packed cushions, allow them to continuously adapt and accommodate everyday hair movements.

These micro-movements help to absorb and alleviate that constant tug we’ve all become accustomed to, giving you a much more comfortable hair tie experience.

Another benefit to having such soft plush cushions is they’re extremely gentle on hair. This helps to drastically reduce hair breakage both while using them and also when taking them out.

Whether you’re working in the office or out exercising, these hair ties will provide countless hours of a secure and comfy hold. No more worrying about falling buns or ponytails when you’re using these miraculous hair ties!

And on top of that, they’re adjustable too so no matter how thick or thin your hair is, you’ll always get the perfect fit.

Bunzee Bands are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match any mood or occasion.

For a superior, pain-free hair tie experience, you’re going to want to get your hands on these high-performance bands.

Visit BunzeeBands.com to purchase your bands today.