Woman using calorie counter application on her smartphone

Staying on top of your health and fitness has never been easier with technology. These apps are the best to monitor your weight-loss journey, track nutrition and be more informed and conscious of how your lifestyle impacts your health. Suitable for people of any age, these apps are a fantastic resource that will help you become more active and lead a healthier life across every domain of your wellbeing.

Why Use Health Apps?

Being in good health is a blessing, but it is never a guarantee. To protect yourself and live as long as possible, you need the right tools to stay on top of your diet and fitness. These are the two biggest factors that contribute to the development of non-hereditary diseases. For those who are chronically ill or have a terminal illness, health apps allow them to monitor their wellbeing and extend their lifespan as long as possible. For those with chronic conditions that do not immediately impact their life expectancy, health apps allow you to manage symptoms more effectively and improve your overall quality of life.

Those with a terminal illness should still look after themselves while they are around. In addition to possibly living longer, being more mindful of how their lifestyle affects their diagnosis can help them save money on life insurance; if they decide to spend what they have been previously insured for, then a cash payout from a viatical is tax free. Viatical settlements allow people with chronic or terminal illnesses to use their life insurance to cover living expenses, medical bills and other financial obligations that they’re unable to on their own. Health will always be the most valuable thing anyone has, which is why considering different apps and resources to improve yours is always a good idea.

Sleep Cycle

A good night’s sleep impacts everything from your metabolism to your mood. Mental and physical health are both deeply influenced by the quality of your sleep. It’s easier to get restorative rest each night with the Sleep Cycle app, which uses sound analysis and movement software to track your sleep cycle. It will wake you when you are at the lightest stage of sleep to ensure that you feel as refreshed and comfortable as possible every morning.


Good habits lead to healthy lifestyles; set goals with Streaks and build a to-do list of important habits that benefit your physical and mental wellness. From getting in 30 minutes of exercise to reading before bed, you can start to keep track of how you’re investing your time and energy better with Streaks.


Not everyone can make it to a gym every day, but that doesn’t mean you’re condemned to a life of binge-watching Netflix or sitting at a desk. Wakeout! offers a massive library of 30-second exercises you can squeeze in anywhere. Add a little bit of fitness to your life, and you’ll be amazed at how just 10 minutes a day can begin to gradually improve your energy levels and mood.

Insight Timer

Begin improving your mind with this meditation app. There is a catalog of various, timed meditations that cover topics ranging from self-esteem to better sleep. If you are picky with meditation, you’re bound to find one that works for you here. There are over 6,000 hours of guided meditations to listen to, so you won’t run out of inspiration anytime soon.