Solar panel on dramatic sunset sky background, Alternative energy concept

The future is close. Innovative day-to-day creations don’t stop bringing us closer to the future – a period that seems unreachable. Alongside, people’s obsession with environmental sustainability makes the solar industry bring up futuristic novelties that grab the attention even of the non targeted customer. Companies like LA Solar Group bring up solutions like solar panel kits for home. They explain that home solar panel kits take the lifestyle to another level with its ease and convenience. However, as we see, the industry goes beyond comfort and simplicity. So, what can the futuristic novelty be? Unbelievable, but a Spherical Sun Power Generator a.k.a. Beta.ey. Can one imagine a spherical sun energy generator? Well, we have it today.

Why The Sphere?

The inventor of Beta.ey, Andre Broessel, considered solar panels too weak for generating enough efficient energy. Accordingly, he suggested the creation of a spherical solar power generator to increase solar efficiency considerably. Basically, he took the process of solar panel installation to another level. Why? Because with the look Beta.ey has and with the design it carries, traditional installation processes stay in the past. It seems like it shouts out loud that companies should upgrade their production to keep up with the field’s development pace.

Spherical Sun Power Generator – What For?

Really, what can that giant bring with it? Well-well, its applications are a plethora. So far, it comes with an EV charging station, windows that produce energy, and autonomous electricity generators. A novelty but so applicable! Imagine getting it for the purpose of generating power and benefitting in many ways, like charging the phone. What people love about the innovation is its flexible design. After purchasing it, the consumer has the opportunity to use it as an addition to its decor by either placing it into the wall or in the place of windows. That means one gets the sun’s energy generator but upgrades the house design. Double-shot! 

Spherical Sun Power Generator is the beginning of the solar revolution.