By: Nick Gambino

With the release of the PlayStation 5, the next-gen PlayStation VR was sure to be hot on the heels of the popular new Sony console. The company has just announced the newest VR headset compatible with the PS5, though it looks like we won’t be seeing it any time soon.

“We’re taking what we’ve learned since launching PS VR on PS4 to develop a next-gen VR system that enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input,” Hideaki Nishino, Senior VP of Platform Planning & Management at Sony, said in a blog post. “It will connect to PS5 with a single cord to simplify setup and improve ease-of-use while enabling a high-fidelity visual experience.”

Simplifying the VR experience is essential for the continued growth and even the survivability of VR in general. One of the reasons the advanced tech has failed to be embraced in any significant way is its failure to be accessible to the general consumer. High-tech PC specs and clunky systems have made it a burden for the average consumer to invest in.

The upcoming PS VR looks to improve the quality of the virtual reality environment while allowing the user to plug in with a single cord directly to the PS5. This is a no-brainer for someone who already owns the console. By making it little more than an add-on to your PS5, you don’t need to invest in a ton of other equipment to power the headset. This has been the appeal of PS VR since it launched for the PS4.

In addition to improving the graphics of the VR world and simplifying the plug-in process, Sony is also making some much-needed changes to the VR controller. They are incorporating some of the best features of the PS5’s killer DualSense controller as well as improving the ergonomics to better suit your hands while exploring the VR world.

Unfortunately, the next-gen PS VR won’t be ready for launch in 2021, so the best we can hope for is to see it sometime in 2022. In the meantime, developers are working on new VR titles, so we have plenty to play right out the gate.