Man in suit with to aces in pocket holding poker chips and smartphone/ online poker

Advancements in technology have revolutionalised nearly all industries in the modern world. Online poker games have not been left behind, making it not only a game but also a business model in the gaming industry across the globe. Adam Mason from Online Poker America wrote an interesting article about the legality of online poker in California in 2021. Poker platform developers in USA and other parts of the world use technologies like Video assistant referee (VAR), artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and mobile and web applications. The relationship between technology and poker is unbreakable, with the two being entirely dependent on each other.

The Poker industry has successfully integrated innovations that aim at improving table-based games for all the players.  Some of the technology programs introduced in the Poker industry include the Channel 4 programmer and the late-night poker. The use of the two technologies involves having a camera placed under the glass panel on the table, making it easy for all the screen viewers to see what the players have in their hands.  The method was used on UK Television and later adopted by the World Series of Poker in 2002 until today.  The Cameras make spectators more attentive and glued to the game until the end by making them keep up with the poker game.

Needless to go deep into how technology has changed online poker, it is not debatable that technology led to the rise of online poker!  Since its inception, technology has been a pivotal part of online gaming. Technology is not a reserve of online poker sites, but players themselves use technology tools to improve it.  Some of the leading technologies adopted by players include trackers and HUD software. The two devices record the player’s history with the opponent and then convert them into presentable statistics. Players can check on the presented statistics to improve and make better decisions in playing the game.  Another technology tool used in poker is the poker calculator that calculates the odds and equity on the player’s hand. Another technology is hand simulations that offer an advanced level of training for quick training and learning.


Technology has increasingly embraced got its place in sports and games. Poker has been in existence for countless years, but it has become prevalent nowadays thanks to advancements in technology. Technology will continually evolve, which means that better and easier ways of enjoying poker games will soon come.