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Today Bitcoin is considered a serious investment, despite its volatility. Actually, 36% of small-medium businesses in the US accept Bitcoin, and there are hundreds of other businesses across the world that support Bitcoin. In this article, we cover famous brands that are accepting BTC in 2021 and, by doing that, further increase the demand for BTC, which boosts Bitcoin’s rally.

Burger King  

Burger King is a global fast-food chain with over 17,000 branches that is widely successful and has been serving customers since 1954. There are branches of Burger King in different locations that accept BCT payments. One example is Burger King in Germany, which accepts BTC payments online on its respective website. Furthermore, its partnership with Cryptobuyer in Venezuela allows this branch to accept BTC payments.


This is a famous, long-standing American investment bank that provides a variety of banking and financial services. The company has been offering these high-quality services to clients in over 100 countries. Recently, it has announced that it would offer the option to its investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in BTC.


This is a reputable online payment system that is used globally, and it definitely means a lot for BTC when it publicly acknowledged that it would accept BCT payments. This also applies to merchant accounts. What’s more, users would be able to learn more about crypto on the platform.

In addition, members on the platform have the option to buy, exchange, and sell crypto. This has certainly been a positive development for the crypto community, and it gives more options for new investors to use their BTC.

If you also want to start trading, there are various online trading sites to choose from. So, you can even register on an advanced automated trading site like This kind of platform allows you to trade at a high profitability rate because the software is powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are able to scan the market data quickly and help you earn potentially high returns of up to $800 per day. You can become a member by depositing $250.


The famous multinational chain of coffeehouses, which is present in over 30,000 locations around the world, also announced that it is looking to implement a payment system that would allow it to support BTC.

Starbucks, for this purpose, has partnered with the cryptocurrency payment app Bakkt to test a payment system that will allow Bitcoin users to use their BCT to purchase items from the Starbucks menu. Moreover, users would be able to fund their Starbucks cards by using their BTC.


Tesla is a well-established, clean energy company that sells electric vehicles, solar panels, roofs, and other eco-friendly products. Elon Musk put the company and Bitcoin in the spotlight by investing $1.5 billion from corporate cash in Bitcoin. This investment had a similar impact on the price of

Bitcoin, as when Overstock back in 2014, announced that it would accept BTC payments, and the price for the first time went over $1000. This time when Tesla made this large investment, it also stated that it would accept BTC payments, the price of Bitcoin surged over $60,000.

Galaxy Digital 

Galaxy Digital offers a variety of financial services to its clients in the blockchain industry, including trading, asset management, and investment banking services. As a reputable and well-known company in this field, it has also fuelled the demand for BTC because it owns 16,400 BTC.

Overall, the bull cycle of Bitcoin is still in full force, and not just because there are many institutional investors, but also due to the support of the business sector and many other organizations, including small businesses, NGOs, that want to accept BTC and treat it as a safe-haven asset.