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Your iPhone will receive a major update next week. It’s called iOS 14.5, and it adds a slew of new features to Apple’s (AAPL) smartphone, including the contentious App Tracking Transparency feature, which lets you select whether apps monitor your online behavior. For bettors, this feature will be able to vet Betway app download and other useful downloads installed in your iPhone. It will also help Apple’s AirTags, new tracking devices that prevent you from misplacing your belongings.

Apple Maps now has crowd-sourced traffic alerts, making it a stronger rival to Google (GOOG, GOOGL) Maps, as well as the ability to alter the default music app. This is one of the largest-ever mid-cycle updates for the iPhone’s operating system, with so much packed in.

Here’s what else you can look forward to in iOS 14.5.

Transparency in App Tracking

The most important improvement would be this. Apple Tracking Transparency allows users to disable an app’s ability to monitor their IDFA, or identification for advertisers, which is a piece of Apple code that allows advertisers to learn about your surfing habits and target you with advertising.

App Tracking Transparency will ask if you want the app to monitor your web activity like betting on the Betway website when you download or launch it after installing iOS 14.5. If you agree to be monitored, the app will monitor your online activities and send you ads that are relevant to you. If you don’t, you’ll see generic advertisements.

New Siri voices

IOS 14.5 also brings significant updates to Siri’s voice choices, including the addition of two Black American voices — one female and one male — for the first time.

To change the voice option, go to the iOS settings menu and select Siri & Search under Siri & Search. You’ll be able to pick one of four American Siri voices from there. However, that isn’t it. Siri will no longer use a female voice by default, instead allowing you to choose a digital assistant while setting up your phone.

Users may also change their default music choice with Siri. When you ask Siri to play an album, instead of Apple Music starting up, you’ll be able to listen through Spotify or some other app. After upgrading to iOS 14.5, the feature works the first time you ask Siri for an album. After that, you’ll be asked which music service you want to use as your default.

Wearing a mask and using Face ID to unlock your phone

A fix has been added to iOS 14.5, but you’ll need an Apple Watch to use it. If you have your Apple Watch on and unlocked, the feature will work. When you put on a mask and use Face ID to unlock your phone, your phone will receive a signal from your watch indicating that it is safe to unlock.

AirTags are on their way

AirTags assist you in keeping track of tangible things that you can’t afford to lose. Consider your keys, wallet, purse, and even the remote control for your television. The AirTags use Bluetooth and Ultra-Wide Band technology to help you monitor them from your iPhone.

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