Does the modern world sometimes make you rethink your priorities? If that’s the case, you’re probably among the many millions of adults who have a deep desire to return to a more natural way of living. It’s not about getting rid of electric appliances, throwing away all your food, and moving to a farm commune or remote mountain village.

Instead, the modern version of natural living is connected to being simpler in one’s needs, consuming more plant-based foods, eliminating excess personal belongings, paying closer attention to how much energy and resources you use, and building personal relationships based on something other than social media. How can you ease yourself into a more natural lifestyle? Here are some of the more effective techniques that people are experimenting with.

Start With What You Eat

Don’t worry about making major changes to your diet. That’s not what this effort is about. Instead, simple take note of what you eat, when you consume it, and whether it’s processed or not. Most people are shocked at how much processed food items they buy and eat on a regular basis. After you get a clear picture of your eating habits, slowly, deliberately make a few changes that make sense for your new lifestyle. For example, many folks discover that they spend a lot of time (and money) in drive-thru fast-food lines. Consider having a more nutritious meal at home that includes things like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Use a Vaporizer

There’s no better way to connect to the planet than through herbs. For some people, that means starting an herb garden, designing meals around particular plants available in specialty stores, and enjoying the relaxing experience of using a dry herb vaporizer. For more than a decade, the vaporizer has been undergoing refinements and upgrades that have made a big difference. Today’s units are available in hundreds of variations and price points from reputable online sellers who stock all the major brands. If you cherish the smokeless, flavorful, soothing feeling that comes with vaping your favorite herbs in a portable or desktop unit, consider checking out the newer models and taking another step toward a nature-based life.

Cut Fuel and Energy Consumption

Many working adults feel as though they’re already doing everything possible to get energy consumption levels as low as possible. Others realize that just by taking mass transit to work one or two days per week, they can significantly reduce gasoline use. Plus, using a programmable thermostat in your home is an amazingly simple, low-cost way to save money and live comfortably without using so much electricity.

Spend More Time Outdoors

In the 1800s, there was a massive social trend that emphasized spending more time in nature. Partly as a response to the industrial growth of the era that forced many low-income people into factory jobs, the back to nature movement in those days has the same goal as today’s, namely to get away from the cities and revel in the beauty and peacefulness of natural surroundings. Take a day or two each week and travel to a wooded area where you can sit and absorb the stress-free atmosphere.