Technology in Education: What New Web Tools are Students Using

Ever since software applications came into the educational system, it has become inevitable that technology will be a huge part of education. We now have a hybrid type of education that combines remote and face-to-face education using various apps and learning platforms online.

This new age of learning involves technology as it plays a crucial role in the teaching and learning processes. To accomplish this objective, students like you need specific tools to facilitate communications in your education and make it more holistic.


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Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have different definitions. In general, you would use an LMS to receive and keep track of your learning objectives.

The more advanced types of LMS have eLearning authoring tools already built into them, along with tracking and storing capabilities and the capability to distribute all information related to the class or the school. The scope of an LMS depends on your school’s resources and needs.


Google Apps

Google offers different apps that make studying easier and more interactive. For instance, using Google Docs, you can collaborate with other students while seeing their progress in real-time.

This application also allows your teachers to keep track of your progress as you work on tasks they assign to you. This is a great app as you can even retrieve the previous versions of your document to check any changes and who made those changes. Through Google Meet and Google Forms, your teachers can assess you and your coursemates simultaneously. While having class, teachers can keep windows open for each of their students. This is very helpful, especially for assessments.


A web application that I often use in my studies

When I was in college, I was very interested in looking for a useful site or a helpful writing tool to make my life easier. Whenever I had a research paper to write or an essay to research for, the first thing I did was to go online. Students need help to complete their education successfully. Through, I accomplished my coursework a lot faster. This is another tool that you can also use to improve your studies, especially when you take part in hybrid learning.





Socrative is an app designed by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs who share a passion for education. It’s a system that enables teachers to create educational games or exercises for you to solve.

You will need a mobile device for this, like your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Teachers can also monitor the results of your activities, then modify the next lessons to tailor them to your needs.


Blackboard Collaborate

This innovative system makes remote learning both engaging and flexible. It’s an online collaboration and virtual classroom tool that uses a video conferencing app specifically meant for educational purposes.

Through this app, teachers can focus their attention on teaching their lessons rather than struggling with technology. This app offers features like ready-to-use course rooms, automated attendance, easy facilitation of presenting power for enhanced engagement, and a digital whiteboard. Blackboard Collaborate also gives you the chance to get involved with interactive chat rooms and live polls.



The discussion boards in traditional classrooms don’t really have enough flair or personality. But with this app’s video discussion platform, you can share your unique ideas with your coursemates.

Teachers can start a conversation by providing a topic to the class, then observe as you and the rest of the students record video responses that you can improve using special effects. You can even view and comment on each other’s videos, which means that you can have group discussions. With this digital format, you don’t have to feel pressured as you can re-record your video responses.

With over 35,000 shared activities and lessons available here, it’s a wonderful source of inspiration for teachers and students alike.



This is an educational tool that has the capacity to connect students and teachers into a social network. With Edomodo, teachers can create collaborative groups online, provide and administer educational materials, measure the performance of students, communicate with the parents of younger students, and so on.

Right now, this app has over 34 million users who connect with each other and create a learning process that is more personalized, enriching, and aligned with the many opportunities brought by the virtual environment and technological advancements.



You can use different technologies in education as tools to accelerate your learning process instead of simple channels to deliver content. It’s important to focus on the development of your collaborative skills both in remote and face-to-face educational activities.


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