Students live with a constant dilemma: learn, hang out or earn extra money. Most people fail to balance these areas of life, although students always have the opportunity to use a useful service and buy essays online, thereby gaining free time and spending it on something that is more important. You can balance these spheres, knowing what you can use for this. Our selection will be useful to those who need to earn extra money without interfering with rest and study.


1. Sign up for Airtasker
This is very similar to a huge to-do list that all resource users. Walking the dog, grocery shopping, helping lift things upstairs: these are all tasks someone needs help with. You can choose one of them at a convenient time for you, close to your home and complete for a fee. This will not harm the learning process in any way and will not spoil the plans for the evening.

2. Small Business

Try yourself on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. While looking for discounted fashion clothes for yourself, buy a few extra items in the store and sell them on the trading platform at the starting price. The difference will be your income. This method is especially suitable for those who feel the style and understand current trends.

3. Going by yourself, grab others

This method is suitable if you have a car and a driver’s license. Just sign up for Uber, Ola or similar apps. It is not so difficult to transport people: you work only when it is convenient for you, you can even choose passengers. If you want to earn more, saddle your iron horse during peak hours: when people go to work, home from work, or on weekends and holidays.

4. Food Master

Bring happiness to people – bring them food. Not only is this service popular during the pandemic, but it also will not require you to spend a lot of time and additional resources like your car. Takeaway orders can be delivered on foot, by bike or motorbike. Just choose the most popular company and get a job as a courier there. At the same time, you will have a rest from intellectual activity, cheer up and begin to lead a healthy lifestyle.


5. Social Media Marketing

Social networks have firmly entered our lives. Every decent company should have an account on Instagram, Facebook or Tik-Tok. But employees do not always have time for this, or they do not understand trends. Offer them your help, publish posts on their behalf, attract new clients and get paid for your work. Such earnings will be beneficial for future marketers.

6. Make money on a hobby

Do your friends praise you for pies, manicures, or car tips? Let your hobby bring you not only joy but also money. After all, you never know, maybe a classmate while writing an essay thinks that it would be better if someone else did it, and he is even ready to pay for it. Tell your friends that you want to make money on your hobby and ask them to tell their friends about the topic. That is how you get an audience. And to keep it, make an account on Instagram or a YouTube channel where you can post recipes, reviews, and recommendations. This is the prototype of doing business: you monetize what you can do well and sell this skill or its result. Later, you can invest the money you earn in contextual advertising to attract even more customers. And who knows, maybe this will become your profession and life’s work.

7. Rate the work of others

To control employees, companies hire mystery shoppers who will appreciate the service, the work of consultants and the quality of the goods. It will be an advantage if you write your thoughts well, you will have to write reports. If you are lucky, you will be directed to a store you often visit, so combine business with pleasure.


8. Rate the work of others v2.0

All you need is internet access and a list of sites to browse. You test the site, perform certain actions there, and record the results and your impressions. So developers or competitors will understand the strengths and weaknesses of the site, and you will earn extra money.

9. Passive income for writers

If you are friends with the epistolary genre, or your head is full of interesting ideas and stories, write a book and publish it. Of course, this is not the case with publishers. But platforms with e-books will gladly accept you. And if readers like the book, you will receive income from it all the time without doing anything. True, this will take a lot of work.

10. Try adulthood

Banks are associated with loans and debts. But what if we say that you can earn money in the bank? Put your money in a bank account and earn interest on it. In this case, the money can be withdrawn at any time. Monitor various offers from banks, select deposits with the most favorable conditions, and put your money there (it is not recommended to put all the money). And again, you have earned without doing anything!