Photo: James Day

By: Nick Gambino

Imagine you’re cruising on the I-10 in Phoenix, when the red and blues light you up, forcing you to pull over. The cop comes to the window and asks for your driver’s license. Instead of pulling out your wallet, you reach for your phone. That’s right, you’ve got a digital driver’s license and the cop is cool with it.

Arizona just became the first state to accept an Apple Wallet version of a driver’s license or state ID. To start with it’s going to be limited and only accepted in certain places (sorry to get your hopes up, but you’re not going to be able to use it at a traffic stop). While the above scenario is probably still a ways off, you will be able to use it to fly.

“Starting today, Arizonans can add their driver’s license or state ID to Wallet, and tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to seamlessly and securely present it at select TSA security checkpoints in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport,” Apple said in a press release announcing the news.

If you reside in the fine state of Arizona, here’s how to start using a digital license or ID:

Fire up the Wallet app in your iPhone.
Tap the little plus symbol in the top right of the screen.
Tap “Driver’s License or State ID”
Follow and complete the setup and verification process which includes taking a selfie, scanning the front and back of your license or ID and scanning different angles of your head and face


That’s all it takes. Apple will send your information over to the state that issued it, in this case Arizona. Now you’re ready to start using it (again, only at the airport for now). To do that, scan your iPhone or your Apple Watch at the established identity readers in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Once it scans, a request will pop up on your iPhone or Watch which you can approve with your Face ID or Touch ID. There’s no need to hand over your phone. Your license or ID is then shared digitally and you’ll be on your way to stand in a mile of security traffic.

Apple promises there are more states coming soon including Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia,Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi and Ohio. There are 11 states in the works as well as Puerto Rico.