Photo: Harley Davidson

By: Nick Gambino

It looks like Harley-Davidson might finally release their newest all-electric motorcycle. LiveWire will launch the new bike, the sub-brand of Harley-Davidson that deals with all their electric ventures.

The company just teased the new electric bike, titled the Del Mar, in a 16-second video. They even set a May 10th release date. The last time we got an electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson/LiveWire was in 2018 when they released the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, later renamed the LiveWire One.

Electrek reports that according to investor documents and other previous statements this is likely to be a middleweight motorcycle. This should make it a more widely accessible option for those looking to go electric without wrangling a hog. It also suggests that it’ll be more affordable.

We also expect it to be a less powerful electric bike compared to its predecessor, the LiveWire One. That 100-horsepower beast topped out at 110 MPH and was basically a rocket. The Del Mar will likely have a reduced top speed and probably a lot less power. Again, this is all about making it more accessible and not putting off newer riders or those who are used to lighter bikes.

Apparently, LiveWire created a “modular electric motorcycle platform” they call Arrow that allows them to build endless bikes on the same chassis. This would suggest that the Del Mar is one of those bikes and so shouldn’t change too much from what we saw in previously leaked design sketches. Aesthetics may have been tweaked here and there, but the basic build will probably be similar.

Of course, all this is speculation because the teaser video they released provides almost no details. The video starts with flat-track racing which is in line with speculation that it’ll be a middleweight motorcycle. There’s mention of a “next victory lap” which suggests a release.

And then there’s a link at the end – When you go there, you’ll see a vague description, “Informed by the lineage of winning, rethought for the urban riding experience and beyond.” They also mention that you can be 1 of 100 at launch.

I’ve watched it several times to see if I could pick up any other subtle hints and there’s really nothing there other than the name of the bike and the release date. We won’t know anything until next week when they unveil it.