3D Modeling with Beegraphy
3D Modeling with Beegraphy

Unprecedented developments in the manufacturing and sub-manufacturing industries have become commonplace nowadays, and we do not always notice and appreciate industrial innovations. We miss many events and innovations, and it seems that being advanced users of modern online sites, we can distinguish between significant events.

Technological innovations, industry competition, industrial assistive tools, and opportunities allow us to look ahead and develop the tools of the future that will have a huge impact on the manufacturing and sub-manufacturing sectors, especially in the astonishing direction: Industry 4.0. 

One of the most important components of the sub-manufacturing sector and product modeling is optimization and efficiency of the work, which still have to fill the industry’s large gap.

Every innovation in these areas brings a chain impact, from the improvement of the designer’s working environment to the multifunctional capabilities of the final product. The achievements of Industry 4.0 and sometimes even fantastic opportunities are significant in this context.

Great development opportunities in the pre-manufacturing segment.

Product Modeling with Beegraphy
Product Modeling with Beegraphy

While going a long way, product modeling still has huge development opportunities! Dozens of giant brands and industrial design tools operating in this segment do not prevent the emergence of those who will complement each other with their innovative tools and increase the throughput of production processes. 

Three-dimensional modeling, software-complementary interconnection pipelines, real-time output monitoring capabilities, and design collaboration efficiency are some of the points that have registered progressive results in the pre-manufacturing industry in recent years. And it is not at all unexpected that new names appear in this field and present solutions to the world that may not have yet been in demand. 

Innovation in parametric modeling

Parametric or algorithmic modeling has grown tremendously in the last decade, which we could not miss. We have evaluated the unprecedented developments in the parametric (algorithmic) modeling industry and other segments associated with it, such as virtual augmented reality, meta-transformers, and NFTs. We have also paid special attention to their developments. 

BeeGraphy – a name that is still little known. An online platform for parametric (algorithmic) modeling. The first version was released in February 2022. But even having the tools with fewer capabilities, it has already managed to surprise many builders and raise their expectations.

Appearing in a strong competitive field, where software like Creo Parametric, Revit, Solidworks, and Rhino Grasshopper is in, BeeGraphy offers professionals a more comfortable online environment for parametric (algorithmic) modeling with the opportunity to work with a team. 

BeeGraphy has emerged in a period, when the world of design, modeling and additive manufacturing is in high demand for saving time, increasing production efficiency, and optimizing the working environment. At this stage, when additive and subtractive manufacturing are becoming more and more important in industrial processes and our lives, BeeGraphy can become a good helper. Builders can create parametric models with BeeGraphy Editor and store them on BG’s cloud servers available in the workspace.

Thousands and millions of new models can be created from one parametric model through modifications, which is the best aspect of parametric (algorithmic) modeling in the 3D modeling industry. We have highlighted some of the key points in BeeGraphy’s toolkit that may arouse interest in companies in the 3D modeling field and people involved in subtractive and additive manufacturing.

The first parametric (algorithmic) online software

Parametric modeling is one of the segments where the working relations of specialists in different fields intersect the most to get the final, optimal result of production models. Parameters are vital in areas such as automotive, jewelry, household goods, and even healthcare. BeeGraphy was the first to build the entire parametric modeling software online based on cloud servers. It is the key to speed modeling, which we think many will appreciate. 

Real-time collaboration

In this context, BeeGraphy is a revelation, which allows an unlimited number of professionals in different fields – designers, engineers, and project managers – to work on the same project online, minimizing collaboration issues. From now on, every engineer and designer can make their calculations and drawings in one project and collaborate with another specialist, without time-consuming logistical problems. 

Optimization of builder-customer relationship

Parametric algorithmic modeling beegraphy
Parametric algorithmic modeling beegraphy

Thanks to the software online tools and 3D real-time viewer created in BeeGraphy, the work of the designer-client relationship is optimized, and many hours are saved on detailed discussions and query suggestions.

3D real-time view – with this feature builders can see the view of the processed model in 3D, as well as display it to partners and clients.

Other solutions in the parametric modeling field

BeeGraphy is just taking its first steps and still has a long way to go, but we are sure that in the meantime, many professionals will study the innovative parametric (algorithmic) modeling software and get the most out of it.

In addition to these features, BeeGraphy promises to release a cross-platform integration API, allowing BeeGraphy’s parametric 3D models and features into third-party online platforms, becoming a powerful tool for manufacturers and their customers.

The integration of parametric design capabilities in third-party platforms simplifies the model demonstration process to the end customer and optimizes the collaboration quality and speed. 

You can follow BeeGraphy’s updates on its 3D modeling corporate blog.

Author: Van Aragast