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Cryptocurrency dice games are some of the most advanced gambling games available today, and yet they have the advantage that they are very easy to play. As you can imagine, this combination is lovely to most people, and so bitcoin dice games are becoming more popular day by day. 

The advantages of sites with faucets

There are two main sites of cryptocurrency dice games available today, one being sites that offer cryptocurrency faucets, and the other being sites that offer you a low-house edge. There are advantages to both kinds of sites, so the question which you chose depends upon the sort of player you are. 

Cryptocurrency faucet sites are very much recommended for beginners because the site gives you an allowance of cryptocurrency every few minutes. Those such allowances are very small, such sites are very suitable for beginners because the free cryptocurrency tends to offset any mistakes you might make in betting due to inexperience. 

The benefits of low-house edge casinos

As you become more experienced, it might be better to use sites that offer a low house edge. As any experienced gambling man knows, the odds tend to favor the house usually, so any house that lows this advantage to offer the player an even playing field is a big benefit to the player. There are many sites like this these days, offering cryptocurrency dice games with a low house edge that actually allows a player a much more equal playing field, and for an experienced gambling man this can be a very big advantage. 

Alternatively, a person could use a combination of both types of sites. If one seeks experience, they could use the free cryptocurrency that one gets from cryptocurrency faucet sites to place bets that increase one’s bank of cryptocurrency, and then use these assets on a low odds site to enhance one’s earnings. 

Easy rules

There are various advanced strategies that can be used with a cryptocurrency dice game, but the dice game itself is extremely easy to play. All a player has to do is to select a number between one and a hundred. Then they win or lose depending on whether the number they selected is lesser or more than the dice indicate. The player simply picks up their winnings if their guess comes up right. 

As you can see, with such an easy game, sites like and other cryptocurrency platforms are very attractive to the average gambler. Nevertheless, there are some strategies that can be used. One strategy is called parole, where a player will enhance their stake each time they win until they win three times in a row. This has proven to be quite a good approach to enhancing one’s earnings. The approach also ends to reduce losses to some extent. 

Another interesting approach is called the inverse martingale, where, on a winning run, players keep doubling their bets. This tends to massively increase one’s wins when one is on a winning streak.