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You might be among those wondering what all the fuss is about the Big Eyes token. Additionally, you might believe that meme coins shouldn’t be taken seriously. However, I assure you that before the end of this article, you’ll see what makes the Big Eyes so revolutionary.

What you will learn in this piece:

  • Introduction to Big Eyes
  • Background information about the Big Eyes Project
  • Unique values of the Big Eyes
  • Big Eyes NFT
  • The Big Eyes Ecosystem
  • The Native token of Big Eyes
  • How Big Eyes fare against its competitors
  • Brief Review of the Cardano Project and its Token
  • Brief Review of the Enjin Token
  • The benefits of purchasing Big Eyes Tokens
  • How to buy Big Eyes Token


An Introduction to Big Eyes

Meme tokens are initiatives that typically use internet memes to spread the cryptocurrency idea to a broader audience. Initially, these coins don’t usually have other utilities besides serving to provide comedic relief. However, Big Eyes is here to break that jinx and create a meme token with countless use cases.

In terms of its collective history, Dogecoin, the pioneer meme coin, had no tangible use cases among its users in its early days. However, compared to DOGE, Shiba Inu included a few use cases for its services during its launch.

Additionally, the Shib team plans to integrate more use cases with their project. This vision of Shiba Inu is to improve on the flaws of its predecessor, Dogecoin.

Big Eyes intends to compete with these meme coins in the market and with other prominent crypto giants. Thus, the founders of Big Eyes are counting on its team’s relentless effort to push this budding project. Big Eyes will also seek cognitive ideas from its community and leverage its well-established architecture o take over the crypto space.

The team has highlighted incredible action-based plans to achieve their objectives with the project. Those plans are not just a roadmap of fantasy but a stepwise mechanism to turn around the project within a couple of years.

The team behind Big Eyes has a clear vision of integrating several DeFi protocols, NFTs, and metaverse services within its ecosystem. These products and services will ensure users earn passive income from the platform.

The background story of the Big Eyes project

This project revolves around a cat known as Big Eyes. Adopted by a couple at NASA, Big Eyes became a part of their household. There was a great bond between Big Eyes and his adopters. However, an unfortunate event took their lives, leaving the cat alone for the first time.

After this event, Big Eyes decides to set sail around the world on a yacht, learning about aquatic animals. This circumnavigation allowed Big Eyes to explore life on the seas and learn more about marine animals.

During this journey, another tragic event occurred, caused by a storm. Fortunately, Big Eye was saved by a whale and taken to Japan. Nevertheless, the accumulated experience gathered by Big Eyes during this journey was crucial for the project’s objective to support marine lives.

The Big Eyes project strives to achieve this objective by donating 5% of its profit from the project to a charity group that supports the aquatic habitat. This policy will make our environment a better place for all and contribute positively to healthy global living.

Additionally, the novel narrative above is designed to push the theme behind the project and captivate a global audience of cat lovers and crypto enthusiasts. However, this approach also hides the crypto developer’s identity. This anonymity is the trend among existing meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Unique Values of the Big Eyes

In addition to being the face of the project, Big Eyes hopes to create a cat community. For this reason, some unique values derived from cats are incorporated into services on this platform to ensure its long-term success. Some of these features include:

  • Playful: Cats are cheerful creatures; they can amuse at times. Big Eyes adopt this feature by creating a platform full of fun.
  • Active: Cats conserve their energy well and use it appropriately. This feature inspired Big Eyes to be up and running in achieving the set goals.
  • Sociable: Cats usually form a great bond with their owners. This quality makes Big Eyes a Community-led project. Thus community members will play prominent roles in pushing the project.
  • Hard to Kill: The size of this creature might be small but not equivalent to its tenacity and strength. The collective force of the team driving the Big Eyes project will guarantee its success. Their determination for success can be likened to the hard-to-kill quality exhibited by cats.


Big Eyes NFT

The architecture of Big Eyes is designed to facilitate all cat lovers and other artists to mint their NFT projects and hold NFT collectibles for cat rearing. The team will also strive to be among the top 10 NFT collections, bringing more spotlight to the token and increasing its value.

The Big Eyes Ecosystem

Big Eyes is a community-inclusive project that accepts all the help available from its members. This inclusion gives users a sense of belonging and can contribute valid opinions to developing the Big Eyes ecosystem.

Big Eyes (BIG) Token

The customized currency within the Big Eyes platform is BIG, an ERC-compliant token that powers all operations related to Big Eyes. Over 200 Billion BIG tokens will be available at its launch. This volume will be distributed across vital projects such as presale, marketing, charity, etc.

How Big Eyes fare with its competitors

Now let’s look at how Big Eyes curated programs fare against some existing crypto projects in the space. First, we will pick two major cryptocurrency projects for comparison purposes.

Cardano (ADA)

Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood launched Cardano in 2017. These brilliant developers formerly Co-founded Ethereum but left in 2015. Cardano was named after Gerolamo Cardano, a 16th-century Italian polymath.

The Cardano network is among the most recognized projects with highly scalable, fast, and secured operations. These features are coupled with less energy consumption and cheap transactions.

These outstanding features of Cardano are considerable improvements to what Ethereum offers. Ethereum uses proof of work consensus, contributing to its high energy consumption and expensive fees.

However, Ethereum is planning to solve these dilemmas by launching the Ethereum 2.0 network. But Cardano is among the front-runners with its efficient services, making them a preferred network for developers to host their applications.


Cardano can achieve this milestone due to its customized algorithm of the Ouroboros consensus mechanism. This protocol is Cardano’s version of proof of stake consensus, which guarantees smooth and seamless operations within its platform.

The architecture of Cardano is designed to meet the needs of individuals in the Crypto space today and in the future. Each stage is tagged with the name of eminent scientists and poets or records. This idea honors these people for their contributions to humanities.

There is a total of 5 different phases in the roadmap of Cardano for its blockchain development. These phases hierarchically include; Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire. Each of these phases is dedicated to some significant improvement to Cardano functionalities.

Cardano Token (ADA)

The native digital currency on the Cardano network is ADA, which can execute peer-to-peer transactions. Users can stake ADA in its network’s pool. ADA’s stakers are usually assigned as validators on the Cardano network.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin is owned by a company that offers in-game assets and products to various gaming platforms on blockchain. Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski co-found the project. Enjin Coin is a bye product of Enjin Network, a gaming platform that equips users with tools to build websites & clans, virtual host assets, and chats with other members.

Enjin has facilities for game developers to tokenize their in-game assets within Ethereum Network. The token published on this network is pegged to Enjin Coin ENJ, ERC-20 token, which ensures that the tokenized items can be bought, sold, or swapped for real values.

Enjin Coin utilizes a smart contract so that game developers can transfer their ENJ tokens to mint another fungible and non-fungible ERC-1155. Then, the minted token can be listed for sale on the Enjin marketplace. Thus, minting more ENJ tokens leads to removing some tokens in the ecosystem to enforce scarcity, improving the token’s value in the market.

The maximum supply of Enjin coin ENJ in circulation is 1 billion. However, this volume is reduced, with some tokens locked with in-game assets as the platform expands. The first commercial sale of Enjin Coin was at the presale event on September 2017, where 400 million ENJ tokens were sold.

At that time, profit was made worth $12 million, equivalent to 38,800 Ether ETH. The team also gave away another 100 million ENJ as a bonus at the event. You can buy Enjin Coin ENJ at popular crypto exchanges like; Uniswap, Bithumb, Binance, and Balancer.

Why you should purchase Big Eyes Token

Big Eyes intend to compete with these notable crypto projects and propel its project to be among the giants in the space based on the following features:

  • It is a meme token with numerous utilities
  • Charity donations of Big Eyes will make our environment healthier
  • Its Community fully controls it
  • The project has a concise roadmap full of action-based plans to achieve its objectives.
  • Its integration of DeFi and NFTs

All these characteristics will improve the token’s value and earn you more money.

How to Buy Big Eyes Token

To participate in the presale of the Big Eyes (BIG) token, use the easy-to-follow steps highlighted below.

  1. Step 1: Install the metamask wallet extension on your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Step 2: Visit the official presale portal
  3. Step 3:Enter your information in the fields presented on the page and choose your preferred token as a means of payment
  4. Step 4: Wait a few moments after the presale for your acquired token to arrive in your wallets.

Big Eyes is more than just a meme token but a project with various utilities and the potential to compete at the top in the crypto space.