Many crypto enthusiasts are still unsure if they should invest in meme coins. It is safe to say that meme coins are here to stay. DogeCoin (DOGE) broke into the scene as far back as 2013. Supportive tweets from Elon Musk further cemented meme coins into the cryptocurrency industry.

Since then, we have seen a barrage of meme coins – some lasting longer than others.

The latest meme coin to join the list of many is Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a cryptocurrency gaining a lot of recent attraction. BIG is unlike the wealth of its predecessors. The meme coin will hold 5% of its total supply in a wallet that will be donated to charities trying to save our oceans.

This initiative might be one of the reasons Big Eyes Coin hit $1 million on its first week of presales.

Why Is Big Eyes Coin Outperforming Its Competitors?

Big Eyes Coin is not the only recently released meme coin, nor is it the only one in a presale stage. However, very few of the competition have received as many investments as BIG. You might be wondering why.

Power to the people – that is BIG’s incentive. The creators of Big Eyes Coin intend to have 90% of the 200 billion BIG tokens available for the public on launch day.

Big Eye Coin is big on community. It is a token for the people, aiming to bring wealth into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and preserve the aquatic ecosystem. Community tokens like BIG are serious wealth generators that can be used to support charity organizations. However, Big Eyes Coin plans on giving more by building a blockchain ecosystem that self-propagates for Hypergrowth using NFTs to offer access to more content and events – making the blockchain hype ship more interesting to board.

Recent years have shown us that many people are doing whatever they can to save the planet, and BIG is at the forefront of this movement. BIG has raised over $2 million in its first stage of presales, and it isn’t slowing down, with its second stage listings already piquing the interest of many.

Is BIG Worth Purchasing Over Other Meme Coins?

The short answer is yes – if you are a meme coin enthusiast – it’s a no-brainer, given that the price of BIG currently stands at a low price of $0.0001357143. However, you should keep in mind that after the second stage of the presale, BIG tokens will increase by 25%, raising the price to $0.00017142866 for a single token.

Big Eyes Coin sold 193 billion tokens only in the second stage presale. Now a little less than 7.2 billion BIG tokens are left. This adds to the value of the current BIG tokens in circulation. The price of Big Eyes Coins could skyrocket.


With a MetaMask wallet, you can purchase BIG tokens once you have connected your wallet to the Big Eyes Coin platform using BNB, ETH, or USDT. BIG tokens can then be collected from the Big Eyes Coin website after the conclusion of the presale. Always do your research before purchasing any cryptocurrency – meme coin or otherwise.

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