The cryptocurrency market is a huge space for a wide range of cryptocurrencies enabling various utilities. Crypto assets are all in constant strife for market liquidity. In a market where trading volume stays stagnant, you’d see users trying to get out or sell certain cryptocurrencies to buy another one that looks to have better potential. Big Eyes(BIG) is a new memecoin that looks like one project to square up and try to claim market share from projects like Cardano(ADA) and Algorand(ALGO).

Although Big Eyes(BIG) is a memecoin and they are perceived to have no use cases, the new cryptocurrency emerges as a potential performer in the market. The era of Shiba Inu(SHIB) has changed the perception of memecoins as the SHIB community launched some DeFi features right after its blow-up.

Big Eyes looks like a new coin with possibilities in crypto landscapes and could be a decent target for people looking to find the next gem.


Cardano(ADA) is regarded as a third-generation blockchain that allows the development of decentralized applications. It was the first blockchain network to incorporate peer-reviewed research into its core basics, and it quickly got attention for it. It was a hot crypto asset in 2021 as it massively gained value.

It was one of those cryptocurrencies regularly brought as a competitor to the ethereum blockchain. And despite being a third-generation blockchain, it was pretty late on smart contract support. The blockchain was upgraded to allow smart contracts in 2021, and it was an exciting development for the Cardano community.

The blockchain has struggled to grow value on DeFi and NFT landscapes. Still, the community presence in these landscapes could mean something, as Cardano users believe that the network remains a very promising involvement for them.

However, we believe that Cardano could compete with the new cryptocurrency, Big Eyes, as the launch draws near.


Algorand(ALGO) is a highly efficient and scalable layer-1 blockchain network created to function like a payment processor. Algorand uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, and the network creates new blocks via voting by participation nodes. Algorand was one of the most promising networks at the peak of the 2021 bull run.

It was a highly rewarding network for participants but lost a lot of value as the bear market hit. Algorand compares to the ethereum blockchain in several ways, but most users are particular about its better scalability compared to ethereum.

Big Eyes(BIG)

Big Eyes is a new memecoin project launching on the ethereum blockchain. The DeFi market is at its lowest in years, but the ethereum blockchain still looks like the ecosystem that offers new projects the most opportunity to grow quickly. Big Eyes is a cat-inspired memecoin and hopes to introduce the market to a new meta instead of the overused dog memecoins the market has seen in recent years.

Big Eyes aims to use DeFi as a tool for creating wealth for its community holders, with early presale buyers being the biggest winners. The project looks to be here for the long haul considering the cat memes could be something huge in the NFT market.

BIG Eyes token would serve as a governance token and give holders some share of veto power in the governance system. Users will be able to provide suggestions as proposals and vote consensus on the future of the project.

This could be a really huge deal for early buyers as the presale has already raised over $2 million, almost 70% of the presale target. The BIG token is hot on the market, join the presale here now, and don’t miss out.

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