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The blockchain industry is saturated with ideas and technologies, making it difficult for dependent coins to survive. Crypto assets with no distinct features are taking the most hit by the bearish market. However, coins like Sandbox (SAND) and VeChain (VET) still thrive in the market. But will a new crypto coin like Big Eyes Coin (BIG) survive these harsh conditions?

VeChain (VET) has been badly hit by the crypto winter and has been down since April 2021. However, a global risk rally might b able to save the coin towards the end of 2022 and move it back by up to 1,000%. Crypto analysts predict that the coin might be on track to its all-time high by 2023.

Sandbox (SAND) seems to have had a great year with many projects and events underway. The coin recently unveiled its testing phase for the launch of Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3 (AS3). In addition, an Asian bank, DBS Bank Ltd., has also jumped on Sandbox (SAND) Metaverse to create new services for clients in the 3D virtual world using digital avatars. This translates to a bright future for Sandbox (SAND) investors.


Big Eyes Coin(BIG) has much to prove to the meme coin industry and the crypto space. However, the coin, themed as a joke after a cute big-eyed cat, is predicted to revolutionize the industry. With most meme coins themed after dogs, a cat-themed coin might create the right buzz and get more investors onboard as long as it has a sustainable ecosystem.

Could Big Eyes Stand A Chance Against Sandbox and VeChain?


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) might not have a track record to project its future like others, such as Sandbox (SAND) and VeChain (VET). But it does have features that investors would find interesting as soon as they join the ecosystem. The crypto asset is built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, which means the members can enjoy all the benefits of the Ethereum merge.

The $BIG token would be helping save the ocean with its charity initiative. 5% of the total coin distribution would be donated to protect the ocean and its inhabitants, which means investors would contribute to this noble cause. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) also boasts of building a community token that would shift wealth into its DeFi ecosystem and greatly reward investors.

The roadmap would allow Big Eyes Coin (BIG) to build a blockchain ecosystem that self-propagates for Hyper-growth. Hence, the community members would access more content and events using the NFTs. Aside from making the hype worth it, this futuristic plan would also allow the $BIG token to appreciate and investors to make the most of their precious coins.

With 90% of the tokens owned by the community and available at launch, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is placing its belief in the community members. It also has plans to effect the No Tax, No Fees policy, which takes off worries for the investors. The marketing team would also create global waves to keep the community growing worldwide.

How to Buy Big Eyes and join its Futuristic Plans To Compete With Other Coins Like Sandbox and VeChain


There are more than 200 billion $Big Tokens, and 70% of this will be available during the public presale, while it would preserve the rest for exchanges (20%), marketing (5%), and charity (5%). To join the Big Eyes Ecosystem, follow the simple steps below:


  1. Visit the official Big Eyes Coin website,
  2. Click the Buy Now tab on the top right corner of the page
  3. Connect your Wallet (preferably Metamask or Trust Wallet)
  4. Click “Connect Wallet” and select a mode of payment.
  5. Claim your reward once the presale is concluded.



Community tokens are massive wealth generators for investors, members and charities. Still, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) wants to do more by building an ecosystem that leverages the full potential of meme coins to explore DeFi, NFTs, Charities and various projects that are beneficial for the community.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)