The coin market is renowned for the various options that it offers to traders. At any point, traders will have access to thousands of crypto coins. Each of these coins has a different architecture and use case. As a result, they’ll behave differently. That’s why you’ll find the price of some rising faster than others. If you’re a trader interested in making plenty of quick gains for himself, you may buy one of the fastest-growing projects on the market. These projects will fill your bags quickly with profits.

So, what are the fastest-growing projects in the coin market? Keep reading to find out. We’ll look at Fantom, and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) for this piece.

This Is No Apparition – Fantom

As an Ethereum killer, Fantom is expected to be in most crypto discussions worldwide. More people are getting on the Fantom project because they believe it has more intriguing features than other decentralized protocols. As a decentralized protocol, Fandom was designed with the capacity to host decentralized applications. It will support these applications with smart contracts.


Because it runs on a proof-of-stake protocol, Fantom can operate flexibly and support transactions seamlessly. Currently, Fantom can support thousands of transactions per second. It can provide seamless transaction finality, and all its transactions are charged at low cost. FTM is the token used to pay transaction fees on this network. All the projects developed on Fantom’s network will enjoy this blockchain’s features.

Fantom can process transactions quickly due to a directed acyclic graph and a leaderless consensus. The acyclic graph stores transaction history and maintains a sequence of events. It ensures that all transactions are processed smoothly – one after the other. Furthermore, the leaderless mechanism is an impressive innovation that ensure the blockchain will keep functioning even if there is a glitch. The platform will therefore keep working even during days when other blockchains may be experiencing difficulty. These features have encouraged traders to keep purchasing Fantom, and if this continues, it will remain a fast-riser with plenty of hype.

Cat Got The Cream – Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

No doubt, Big Eyes has been rising quickly in the coin market. As more attention is given to this meme coin, we can only expect it to keep doing well for itself. While certain experts have referred to Big Eyes as a meme coin that only has hype, the development team for this project strongly begs to differ. They have designed a cryptocurrency that will transfer wealth from the world of cryptocurrencies to users. Early reports indicate that they’re not bluffing.

Big Eyes is designed to adopt a community-first approach. This means that the project will prioritize its users. As it stands, users will also be able to contribute to changes and developments on the cryptocurrency. By selling 90% of its tokens during the presale, Big Eyes has kept to its promise. All of its tokens will be available for purchase, and users will benefit more from token growth. In addition, Big Eyes will make a foray into the NFT world. It will serve as a host for NFT projects. Considering the meme coin already has a bright, colorful, and attractive design, interesting things are expected from it in the coin market.

There has been plenty of activity in the Big Eyes camp as they do their best to create publicity for their project. Recently, Big Eyes was engaged in a Twitter meme war with Tamadoge. Both coins went at each other, and the exchange gained attention from the crypto community. The Big Eyes presale is currently on and has moved to the second stage. BIG tokens are running out fast. There’s more than 100 billion BIG tokens up for grabs. By joining the Big Eyes bandwagon, you can put your money where your mouth is. To get started, click on the presale link.


Big Eyes Coin (BIG)