From the time of launching on the OKX exchange, Tamadoge is up 580%. A true bear market phenomenon. Is this surprising? There are strong arguments to suggest yes and no. On the one hand, Tamadoge arrived with a host of positive publicity to exchanges following an extremely successful presale, raising roughly $18 million.

It then released an NFT collection where users can play as their unique NFT in-game. The project is also a Play-to-Earn concept game which many believe will be one of the leading narratives over the next cryptocurrency bull market. The project’s first batch of rare NFTs are released on the 6th of October and will be sold to the highest bidder. This is certainly an event to watch out for!

With a market cap currently inside the top 200 ranked on Coingecko Tamadoge has certainly been one of the stand-out performers in this bear market, with the coin only launching its presale a few months ago. This can also be said for Tamadoge’s presale nemesis, Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes crushing its presale stages!

The success of Tamadoge followings its launch has got many in the Big Eyes community extremely excited. Buyers of the first presale have already made 40% on their original purchase and with Tamadoge pumping so quickly after its launch, many are expecting something similar to occur with Big Eyes.

Many early TAMA investors are kicking themselves for buying tentatively in the presale as on current valuations, early Tamadoge investors would be up well over 10x on their original investment. It is arguably for this reason that the Big Eyes presale has followed suit. Following this success of Tamadoge, the presale stage 3 has sold nearly half of its allotted tokens. Once Big Eyes gets into stage 4, the token value will increase by roughly 20% meaning the purchasing power of 1 USDT to Big Eyes tokens drops.

Big Eyes also has plans to release an NFT collection inspired by the Big Eyes cat, featured below:

The details of this collection are still ambiguous as the development team is establishing a merchandise collection before the NFTs will be released. But the hype surrounding the NFT marketplace at present as well as the recent success of Tamadoge upon the token and NFT launch is likely to send the presale of Big Eyes through the roof. It is certainly worth getting involved in the Big Eyes presale to gain exposure to the post-launch pump.


The project has recently announced that it has secured a Tier-1 CEX (Centralised Exchange) launch in the future. This was the catalyst that sent Tamadoge through the roof and Big Eyes is very likely to follow a similar suit. While the name of the exchange is not released yet, it is still a huge boost to the future projection of the project as it gives the project a massive exposure to a huge amount of liquidity overnight once it has launched. Even if you were to buy the presale to sell on the launch day, the returns on investment are nearly guaranteed if you buy early enough in the presale.


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