Memecoins were not previously seen as DeFi tokens until Shiba Inu(SHIB) launched and showed what was possible with memecoins. Earlier memecoins starting from Dogecoin(DOGE) had nothing else to offer the market aside from memes. So as long as the memes continue to fly on the internet, they are as relevant as they get. More interestingly, the meme narrative is derived from the fact that these coins do not have unique offerings in the cryptocurrency market, but their prices pump regardless.

Shiba Inu revolutionized memecoins in that regard, and Big Eyes coin(BIG) is prepared to take it even further. BIG aims to integrate several cutting-edge crypto utilities even across NFTs into memecoins. This would set a precedent for emerging memecoins and can eventually create healthy competition that will foster growth.

The memecoin landscape has obviously moved away from the era where they are just for the memes. It’s impossible to stay that way when they are emerging coins offering real-life utilities. Even the Dogecoin community has created a pseudo-chani, Dogechain, that would support smart contracts and decentralized applications. The update within the DOGE community would also see DOGE become a community for several other dog meme coins.

The Source – Solana(SOL)

Solana(SOL) is a blockchain network that focuses on high throughput and rapid transactions. To boost speed, it employs a novel technique of transaction ordering. The native token for the network, SOL, is used to participate in smart contracts and pay transaction fees.

Scalability is one of the most challenging difficulties in blockchain technology. As these networks expand, they frequently encounter constraints in transaction speed and confirmation durations. Solana intends to address these constraints without jeopardizing security or decentralization.

Solana’s price quickly climbed in 2021, the same as its trading volume in the NFT market. It has done over $2 billion in total volume in the NFT market, but this success is not replicated in the DeFi market because of some shortcomings. Those issues include inadequate node infrastructure and frequent downtimes that make the network low-rated for DeFi. Overall, it’s nothing that the network cannot improve on, which still makes the network a promising store of value.

Impossible To Resist – Big Eyes(BIG)


Big Eyes(BIG) is a new promising memecoin for DeFi. The new memecoin on the ethereum blockchain looks promising on presale and could be the next big pump we’d see after Shiba Inu. SHIB was the memecoin that exploded really fast and really benefited people who caught on to the trend early. Big Eyes is threading that pattern to success, and savvy investors are jumping on the train early.

Big Eyes promises to create wealth for its community holders using DeFi features like yield farming, liquidity staking, crypto borrowing, saving, etc. The project will use a dynamic tax system, including auto burn functions, LP acquisition, and a marketing wallet. Most of the funds that will come from this will return to holders, will be reinvested into the project, and a percentage will go to humanitarian causes worldwide.

Big Eyes(BIG) has created essential hype from the engineered twitter rivalry with other do memecoins. BIG hopes to revolutionize the memecoin landscape and drive emerging projects away from the traditional dog memes. Count yourself lucky to be finding out Big Eyes this early. Join the presale now!

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)