With the everyday growth witnessed in the cryptocurrency market, it might be difficult to keep up with the latest coins. Any investor looking for a big break must constantly be on the lookout, ready to include any promising new addition to their portfolio. That way, when the coin hits big, the investor also hits big.

Certain factors must be considered when researching coins to include in any portfolio. The features of the coin, as well as the scalability and prospect of surviving the market, must be thoroughly scrutinized. Every investor also has a checklist of things he looks out for before including a coin in his portfolio. Regardless, certain coins have all it takes to provide a huge profit in the coming days. Helium (HNT) and Big Eyes (BIG) are two must-have coins to include in any portfolio.


Helium (HNT) is one of the crypto assets everyone is looking out for. The Helium (HNT) network is made up of Helium (HNT) hotspots that serve as internet routers. The hotspots also connect everyone to a large and more premium internet network. The Helium (HNT) hotspots operate like nodes that enable the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to interact. IoT devices can communicate freely without causing any dysfunction to the Helium (HNT) blockchain. For crypto users to mine Helium (HNT), they only have to connect the hotspots to outlets and turn it on. The Helium (HNT) token compensates them for their activities.

The Helium (HNT) blockchain is unlike any other for various reasons. First, the blockchain is supported by Google, and it is a utility network. The blockchain provides wireless connectivity to tablets and phones through hotspots in the Internet of Things domain. The blockchain is also taking a step into the future by working on a 5G initiative. The coin’s miners operate on their own with machines that function as wireless routers that supply internet to other gadgets in a similar manner to the traditional wired internet connection.

Helium (HNT) has a lot of unique features to offer. Its stance toward the future sets it apart from every other cryptocurrency out there. Many investors recognize the potential of the coin and insist that it should be included in every portfolio.


Source: Big Eyes

Big Eyes (BIG) is another unique coin that has been studied extensively and is favored by the crypto market. As a newly emerging coin, Big Eyes (BIG) is a conglomeration of all the best features of the crypto market. Thanks to its complex features, the coin enables its users to move beyond the usual money trades and expand into the blockchain-powered DeFi protocols.

As a forward-moving coin, Big Eyes (BIG) is planning to accelerate the use of DeFi solutions in the world across income levels and varying locations. By providing a unique alternative, Big Eyes (BIG) will let its users enter a different world with an intermediary-free financial ecosystem.

The new coin is unique in its own way, which has caught many investors’ eyes. Big Eyes (BIG) has managed to distinguish itself from the crowd by taking a different cryptocurrency approach.

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