Decentralized finance, powered by blockchain technology, is transforming the global tech space. A few years back, developers only applied blockchain technology to cryptocurrencies. However, since the introduction of smart contracts, has been adapted for other purposes.

Platforms like ChainLink and VeChain have utilized this protocol discreetly. They have bridged actual world data with the blockchain. As part of their services, both projects use blockchain technology to track products in transit.

This kind of development is good for crypto adoption. It is similar to what Big Eyes Coin hopes to achieve.

Although Big Eyes Coin is new to this space, it is fully packed. The BIG token, an ERC-20 token, will power the peer-to-peer network.

What Does Big Eyes Coin Have To Offer?

In contrast to popular meme projects, Big Eyes Coin has several goals it intends to accomplish. The goals of Big Eyes Coin include, but are not limited to, offering incentives to its community.

Currently, Big Eyes Coin has integrated other platforms into its ecosystem. Users can leverage these platforms to make money. Some key aspect of Big Eyes Coin includes:

The Big Eyes Coin Crypto Community

An active community is essential for the success of any enterprise. This is especially true of meme coins that leverage hype and buzz to thrive. Dogecoin (DOGE), the first meme project, utilized this support to gain acceptance and value. Big Eyes Coin will also focus on building its crypto community.

To achieve this, Big Eyes Coin has set milestones for itself. In four main stages, it intends to grow its active community to over 50000. This crypto community will be active Big Eyes Coin (BIG) cryptocurrency users.

Regular usage of this token will help Big Eyes Coin raise funds to achieve other projects. This usage will also lead to its long-term rise in value. Although Big Eyes Coin is still a presale token, it is taking steps to engage its crypto community. Through regular events and giveaways, its users stay active and engaged.

An Evidence-Backed Project

Most meme coins have no actual use or utility. All of these projects followed the Dogecoin model. In contrast, Big Eyes Coin says it will support charities and is doing just that. Since stage 1 of its presale, it has been donating to various charitable organizations. This is another piece of evidence that verifies Big Eyes Coin as the real deal.

Big Eyes Coin Compared With Chainlink

Big Eyes Coin and Chainlink offer solutions to existing issues in this space. While ChainLink acts as an oracle, Big Eyes Coin provides community incentives. ChainLink serves as the central path to connect external data to blockchains.

Its blockchain is powered by LINK, its native cryptocurrency. This digital asset is listed on popular crypto exchanges. LINK serves as a store of value and a medium of exchange.

The BIG token is also a valid means of payment. It allows its users to transact in a tax-free environment. Fees paid on transactions are meager, while processing times are short.

In reality, all holders of BIG tokens receive cashback on their transactions. This cashback comes in the form of reflective rewards. Also, 5% of fees charged are returned to BIG wallets. It will help them grow their holdings passively.

Big Eyes Coin Compared With VeChain

VeChain intends to focus on logistics monitoring. It utilizes sensors to monitor and integrate information into its blockchain. Verified users can access this data to track the nature of the product.

Like ChainLink And Big Eyes Coin, VeChain tokens fuel the platform. It is a dual cryptocurrency project. VET is its native cryptocurrency for value storage and transfer. VTHO helps the platform power transactions and smart contracts.

BIG will also play a similar role in its ecosystem. It will be the governance and reward of cryptocurrency. BIG tokens will also be the native currency for transactions between users.

Buy Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Token Before Presale Ends

If you intend to get the rewards offered by Big Eyes Coin, you must be a token holder. Big Eyes Coin has allowed interested parties to gain early access to its tokens.

To buy BIG tokens, visit Big Eyes Coin’s official website. Connect your funded wallet to the platform and approve the transaction.

All BIG tokens purchased during the presale will be vested for two months. During this time, the tokens will be inaccessible. Prepare and buy Buy tokens before the presale ends.

In addition the team behind Big Eyes Coin are doing a bonus tokens giveaway. To claim the bonus tokens just use the code: BIGPRIZE76 when buying BIG tokens.

Also, there is an exclusive Black Friday offer just use the code: BLACKFRIDAY50 when purchasing BIG tokens to get the offer.

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