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As expected, different crypto predictions are already flying around in major crypto forums and space. While this isn’t usual, certain cryptocurrencies have made repeated appearances on different lists, indicating that the majority of market analysts share similar opinions about their potential to have an impressive performance in the coming year. This makes the crypto assets worthy of close monitoring. Loopring (LRC) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are altcoins crypto analysts believe could have an excellent run in the coming months, and adding them to your portfolio could make a huge difference.

Loopring (LRC): High Efficiency and Functionality

Loopring is a decentralized crypto trading and exchange platform that uses innovative technology to ensure high efficiency and functionality. The layer-2 blockchain platform is built on the Ethereum network. It is highly scalable and secure and enables users to enjoy cost-effective transactions.

The crypto trading platform combines the benefits of centralized and decentralized exchange platforms to provide users with a better crypto trading protocol than most existing ones. Loopring reduces the downsides associated with centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing users with a more efficient platform to trade and exchange crypto assets.

The platform has a native token, LRC. It is responsible for paying network and transaction fees. The utility token plays a vital role in the trading platform, as it helps the network maintain its integrity and contributes to its security. Loopring (LRC) could be a valuable crypto asset to crypto investors. Its impressive run in the previous bull market indicates that it has the propensity to make an excellent rally if the market condition is favorable.

Crypto analysts believe the next couple of months may come with much improvement in the crypto market. This could see Loopring (LRC) experience an upward rally months from now. Its 90% price decline has put many off, but top market players believe the lower the entry price, the higher the profit potential if it eventually rises in price.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG): A Cat Meme Token in a World of Dogs

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) tops the list of crypto assets that could potentially increase drastically some months from now. It is one of the most adopted presale tokens due to its predicted success, which has caused huge money amongst crypto investors. Big Eyes (BIG) could be the meme coin to surpass Dogecoin’s (DOGE) market price and worth. The new cryptocurrency can achieve this feat, as it boasts strong developers’ dedication, community support, utility in profitable sectors, and other features that make it attractive to crypto enthusiasts.

Like Dogecoin (DOGE), Big Eyes (BIG) hopes to inspire a generation of cat-theme meme coins with its success. The crypto project is well-optimized to achieve this success, and one of its main promising features is its utility in DeFi. Big Eyes will increase the availability of wealth in DeFi by increasing its adoption and ensuring ease of accessing the crypto sector. This will ensure a myriad of financial benefits are available for users to leverage.

Big Eyes (BIG) would have NFTs and merchandise collections that can be traded in its marketplace. It will also have a swap where users can exchange crypto assets at low cost and optimum speed. These activities will be completed leveraging the Big Eyes token (BIG). The Erc-20 token will oversee the activities on the platform and facilitate rewards. Big Eyes (BIG) is one of the best presale tokens to purchase, as the crypto asset looks more promising than other new cryptocurrencies.

Big Eyes’ presale success has increased its popularity among crypto investors, with many optimistic it will continue the great run after launching on crypto exchanges. Analysts haven’t played down this possibility, and they believe purchasing Big Eyes on presale is a less risky decision that could be worthwhile. When purchasing from the presale, use the code BCUTE466 for exclusive bonuses and content!

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