The crypto market can be considered the Canaan land. It is filled with numerous opportunities for growth and financial freedom. The market is filled with several coins that investors can include in their portfolios to make considerable profits in the coming days. While the market is currently oversaturated with over ten thousand coins, it did not start out that way. When the first crypto asset made it to the mainstream media, almost everyone ignored it as a passing fad. Only a handful of people were brave enough to invest in the vision of digital currency. For over ten years, cryptocurrency has struggled to be taken seriously by the world.

When it finally did, those who believed in the struggle from the beginning enjoyed enormous profits. Bolstered by their success stories, many people flocked to cryptocurrency, and the crypto market was born. What was once considered a temporary craze is now one of the biggest financial markets in the world. The market might have gained prominence, but it does not intend to remain in one spot. As developers release their projects into the market every day, they attempt to improve upon what is already great. Cosmos (ATOM) and Cryptoons (CTOON) are unique coins that are taking the crypto market to another level.

COSMOS (ATOM): Solving the Blockchain Problem

Users of blockchain technology all over the world have the same set of complaints. The complaints often run along the lines of being too costly, unscalable, unwieldy, and environmentally damaging. Despite the many positive features of blockchain technology, these are serious concerns that should be addressed. Some crypto users are unable to work around these challenges and as such avoid certain cryptocurrencies. To solve this issue, a group of developers created a unique crypto asset called Cosmos (ATOM).

Cosmos (ATOM) manages to simplify blockchain technology for developers. It does this by implementing a modular framework that streamlines decentralized applications (dApps). Cosmos (ATOM) makes use of something called the Interblockchain Communication Protocol to make it easier for blockchains to interact with one another. This different protocol also has the additional task of preventing industry-wide fragmentation.

Although Cosmos (ATOM) was officially released in 2017, its origins can be traced back to 2014. This was when Tendermint, a huge part of the Cosmos (ATOM) network, was launched. In 2017, the sale of ATOM tokens was conducted. Crypto users can earn the tokens through a hybrid Proof-of-Stake algorithm model. The Cosmos (ATOM) project offers three distinct layers. The first layer is the application layer, which oversees the transactions and overhauls the entire network. The second layer is the consensus layer, which guides nodes. The third layer is the networking layer, which controls the interaction between blockchains and transactions.

CRYPTOONS (CTOON): An Exciting NFT Marketplace

Cryptoons (CTOON) is a different crypto asset to hit the market. Cryptoons (CTOON) hit the mark perfectly when it comes to offering unique value. The project is dedicated to those who appreciate the art of storytelling using pictures. By catering to a specific market, the project meets the direct need of a large number of crypto users.

Cryptoons (CTOON) offers two major products: the cosmic launchpad and its NFT factory. With the crypto asset, users now have the perfect one-stop shop to enjoy novels, comic books, manga, and webtoons to their hearts’ content. The cosmic launchpad is designed to offer creators, publishers, and the entire Cryptoons (CTOON) community the opportunity to collaborate and launch exciting projects together. Its NFT factory is working to provide a safe space for creators, buyers, and sellers. This will provide the ultimate manga and crypto experience for everyone.

Cryptoons (CTOON)