Many have been wondering how Big Eyes (BIG) got to the top because they don’t know a secret thing or two about the outstanding meme coin. Before we go BIG, let’s give Cosmos (ATOM) and Klaytn (KLAY) a brief snapshot.

Welcome To The Realm Of Possibilities With Cosmos.

It was a tough one from the start, but Cosmos (ATOM) stayed true to its course and continued its climb up the food chain. Today, Cosmos (ATOM) and its users are celebrated for every concept adopted on its network, one of which marvels onlookers to date, and is termed “connection for users”. The term defines the use of a hub as a central network to connect different chains into one zone to interact with one another, without losing the sole purpose of meeting the needs of its users. Cosmos (ATOM) puts its users first.

Klaytn Doubles Its Chance Of Satisfying Its Users.

If you have ever seen the popular vampire screenplay called “Vampire Diaries”, you would relate how powerful a certain family of vampire species named “Hybrids” are. They tend to be smarter, faster, and more importantly a mix of vampire and werewolf strength. Now here’s your crypto message: In the crypto industry, there are generic coins and hybrid coins as well.

The generic is nothing less than/greater than operating one blockchain system, while hybrids are man enough to take on the combination of more than one blockchain (two precisely). So, that leads us to one of the hybrids, klaytn (KLAY), which is a union of private and public blockchains for the benefit of its users in ways such as high scalability, decentralized control, distributed governance, low latency, and many more.

Big Eyes Has The Optimal Crypto Compassion Required To Keep Users On The Hot Seat.

We live in times when artificial intelligence is attempting all the characteristics of humans (especially all their roles). Now, the idea of robot creation to function as much as a human is a good one but is an entire failure all along. How? The line that keeps you and me strikingly different from those metallic, skinless irons (or whatever they’re made of) is “Emotion”. Still, want to be sure how emotions deserve this much attention in crypto? My pleasure walking you through it!

You see “Emotions” played a major reason in the existence of cryptocurrency, and any crypto project onboarding without a sense of humanity will end up as a broken record. Think about it, the taste for freedom from fiat slavery and limits. The fear of fraud and insecurity. Also, the pain of sluggish transactions and many more, are  perhaps the human drive to the ways of cryptocurrency. Trust me, and maybe you’ve seen it all; there are quite a number of several crypto projects operating like robots.

Big Eyes (BIG) is nothing robotic, and exactly why it shows working by handing over full submission and operation into the hands of its community after fulfilling the donation of about 5% of its capital to charity (twice), as planned. Don’t forget, where the community leads, instead of the leader, the members stay satisfied because their needs are met, complaints are settled and laughter fills everyone’s faces. Big Eyes (BIG) has all it takes; the NFTs, the staking rewards, the giveaways, the promise of users’ wealth, you name them. Now snap out of the thinking and get on its second presale.

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