The crypto market is still in a terrible position, and crypto tokens remain in a downward trend. The market is in upheaval, and many question whether cryptocurrencies are still worthwhile financial investment. While such questions do the rounds, Stellar stirs up some interesting arguments in its most recent partnership. Stellar is a decentralized exchange system that enables the swift exchange and swapping of tokens using simple functions offered by the protocol.

The network announced its partnership with the United Nations some days back, stating that it would be used to deliver instant financial aid to Ukrainians in need. The Ukrainian war has been raging for months, and the United Nations have been working hard to reconcile the situation. The stellar foundation would be aiding the UN in making this work better through this recent initiative.

In addition to the recent developments on the Stellar network, Big Eyes Coin(BIG) continues its massive presale pump, selling as much as $13 million in an otherwise sluggish market. Big eyes coin is a meme coin to build a community of cat memes and introduce exciting utilities to DeFi and meme coins.

Stellar(XLM) Looks To Updates The Old Way Of Doing Things

Stellar(XLM) is a decentralized system that enables exchanges of cryptocurrencies swiftly, securely, and without the need for third-party systems. It is a decentralized exchange platform where users can swap and exchange their cryptocurrencies with little to no hassle. While stellar works like other decentralized exchange systems, it distinguished itself and stood out with a few key features. The Stellar network’s consensus protocol is a federated Byzantine agreement system that facilitates decentralization. It enables computing networks to reach a consensus on decisions made on the network.

The stellar network announced its collaboration with the UN on November 15th to introduce a digital cash initiative to distribute funds to Ukrainians in need. Market participants accepted this new announcement as it symbolized yet another accomplishment for the ecosystem while supporting humanitarian aid. Through the “Stellar Aid Assist” pilot project, Stellar will concentrate on providing the UN’s assistance in an instant. To accomplish that, it collaborated with Circle, MoneyGram International, and the wallet app Vibrant. And the announcement is another thing of interest for market participants to look forward to in the crypto landscape.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Launches Adorable Meme Coin

Big eye coin(BIG) is one of the most recent additions to the blockchain landscape. It is a meme coin yet to launch but intends to be on the Ethereum blockchain. Big eyes coin promises the best we’ve experienced in the meme coin meta. And it promises to offer more than that. The meme coin is a cat project with no aim of using the overwashed dog meme narrative. It is a meme coin with numerous utilities ranging from NFTs to gaming, metaverse, DeFi, and many more. Big eyes aim to raise a community of cat and meme coin lovers and offer its users several means of making money.

Big eyes coin looks to bring money into DeFi, and it offers to help its users make the most of their experiences on the network. Big eyes coin looks to introduce immersive meme coin experiences through fun, memes, events, and entertainment. It also looks to give back to the community amidst all of these by giving out around 5% of its total earnings to support marine life and preserve the oceans. Big eyes presale is still on, and you can still make the most of the opportunity it presents. To buy your tokens on presale, click here.

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