Presales are a good indicator of how well a cryptocurrency could do when it comes to launching. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a good example of this, raising $1 million in one day and bringing its presale total to $14.71 million at the time of writing. The platform is innovative and encompasses many features that could see it rise to the crypto hall of fame.

So, can Big Eyes Coin surpass the legendary Dogecoin (DOGE) and Avalanche (AVAX)? The two platforms have undoubtedly left their mark on the crypto market, producing ecosystems that tackle two niches in the blockchain industry. This editorial piece will examine each cryptocurrency and decide whether Big Eyes Coin has what it takes to surpass these two heavyweights in the crypto market.

Big Eyes Coin Eyes Up $15 Million!

Big Eyes Coin is on the way to meme token greatness. The platform has already shown the crypto community the hype and FOMO it can generate, two essential components of the meme token market.

So, what can we expect from this new platform? Big Eyes Coin is heavily involved in the making of NFTs, with a collection scheduled to release in the third stage of its roadmap. These NFTs won’t be normal, however. They will come with utility, allowing their holders to access events on the Big Eyes Coin platform.

Big Eyes Coin could see increased attention from high-profile figures like Elon Musk, who frequently endorses meme tokens like Dogecoin. If Big Eyes Coin were to receive attention from Elon Musk, holding its token now could prove beneficial in the long run.

Dogecoin’s Climb Up The Crypto Ladder

While Dogecoin was initially created as a joke, the meme token quickly became one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. At the time of writing, Dogecoin hosts the ninth-largest market capitalisation, boasting $10.5 billion.

The meme coin pioneer has started to incorporate real-world utility, as the coin is expected to be accepted by 1 in 3 businesses in 2023. When Dogecoin was accepted by Tesla for merchandise, the value of the coin grew by 15%, meaning if more businesses accept Dogecoin in 2023, holding the meme coin could provide explosive returns.

Could the bullish rally already be underway for Dogecoin? The meme coin has increased its market capitalisation by 12.07% in the past seven days at the time of writing!

Avalanche – The Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency

Avalanche quickly found itself at the forefront of the crypto market. Mainly, its modern technology was what helped it reach the crypto hall of fame. The crypto giant uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus to obtain one of the fastest time-to-finality transaction speeds in the blockchain industry.

While the blockchain is capable of great speeds, it also remains environmentally friendly. Avalanche achieved carbon neutrality in November 2021, showing that even giant blockchains were capable of limiting their carbon emissions.

Avalanche’s eco-friendly stance has helped it secure a place in the top twenty cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. Additionally, the crypto giant has seen one of the best starts to 2023, increasing its market capitalisation by 34.81% in the past seven days at the time of writing.

Final Thoughts

Big Eyes Coin has the potential to surpass Dogecoin and Avalanche when it launches due to its innovative features in the NFT sector and its aim to make DeFi easily accessible. The platform has already raised $14.71 million as it looks to break presale records.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin could launch early if it hits its goal of raising $12 million throughout January. If you want to purchase Big Eyes Coin, use the ‘LAUNCHBIGEYES200’ promo code to gain 200% bonus tokens with your order!


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