Given the fascinating and dynamic nature of cryptocurrencies from a future lens, one cannot overlook the emergence of how digital assets could unlock a range of untapped opportunities in the finance sector and could deliver new value to customers.

What initially began in the cyberpunk universe of decentralized finance, digital assets have poised to unleash an unprecedented change on the fabric of socio-economic relationships.

The crypto game is plentiful and complex but a token to have on your radar with a ton of utility, fun and mostly eco-friendly could be Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Unlike Decentraland (MANA) and Polygon (MATIC), Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has emerged with some groundbreaking and distinctive features around its ecosystem that stand out from the rest of the crypto crowd. Let’s find out their highlights.

Key takeaways of Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

A pre-sale with an overwhelming “cute community” who has so far made a fortune of $18 million…sounds more like a meme? You’re right. This meme coin isn’t just out there for the metaverse; rather the platform’s presale has made it possible for people to get involved with cryptocurrency, regardless of whether they have a pet they adore or are environmental activists.

Big Eyes runs a club designed for those with large eyes and it’s called the Big Eyes Sushi Crew Club. It intends to gather NFTs in the top ten projects and hold annual NFT events.

Big Eyes engages its community without having to worry about costs. BIG has no buy taxes, sale taxes, or fees. Having too many numbers may reduce enjoyment and general interest for many people.

Big Eyes ensures a very user-friendly platform so consumers may profit from and invest in the platform without having to worry about anything outside of it or related to technology.

Big Eyes’ innovative strategy is both ground-breaking and forward-thinking because they intend to provide their community immediate access to 80% of their coins and give ocean sanctuaries including Animals India, Orca Network, and The Sea Shepherd a 5% of the total supply.

The appeal of their philanthropy is, investors can mingle with each other at a variety of live events.

Not to miss out, their cats have stunning aesthetics and convey a lovely message of sustainability and compassion. And most importantly, Big Eyes Coin is currently offering the highly inventive coupon code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to receive a 200% bonus on all your purchases. Yes. You heard that right. A $10 will give you a worth of $20 worth of tokens in return, for a total investment of $30. With that, you can make a triple with this bonus offer.

stock market trader analyzing bitcoin price trend. Investment broker trading bitcoin crypto currency using phone and laptop. Multiple devices.

Decentraland (MANA): Metaverse Meets Cryptocurrency

For crypto enthusiasts and a community looking for more utilities in the first wholly user-owned decentralized world would be the Decentraland (MANA). A platform to explore, invest, create and grow with infinite creativity through virtual reality.

Decentraland offers a range of possibilities from constructing mazes to villages entirely conceptualized by the user. They have the best digital goods backed by the Ethereum blockchain and enhance the platform each time the community feels fit to be in. The marketspace offered by the platform initiates buy/sell of digital assets and physical commodities via their members.

Polygon (MATIC): Making Every Effort To Go Green

Yet another top cryptocurrency backed on the Ethereum blockchain that focuses on Web3 enthusiasts or, going green and sustainability is the Polygon (MATIC) hub.

The Polygon Network has methods and characteristics that enable it to offer users on its platform open-source, quick, and organized services. On the other hand, Polygon has advanced to house various components and a virtual world using Decentralized Finance (DeFi), buying of craft, and support in financial activities, so it pushes to develop network administrations on its system. This is due to the Ethereum network running on its blockchain.

However, there are concerns of limitations in regards to the high cost of its fees.

Final Take

With final thoughts on the matter, Big Eyes have a great potential to change the perception of meme coins. Its exclusive Big Eyes Sushi Crew Club contributes majorly to the NFT industry with a sole intent to help raise a healthy ecosystem physically and digitally.


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