The crypto market has a never-ending competition where developers try to outperform every leading token in utility. Many tokens are introduced in the market and often given a chance by crypto enthusiasts.

In this list, two prominent names are Ripple (XPR) and Stellar (XLM). Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new concept with promising future planning. Now the point to ponder is, will BIG outperform XPR and XML?

XRP – Reliable Multifunctional Network

Top crypto platforms offer much more utilities than just trading money. Generally, the networks providing more utilities are far more successful projects. That XRP is a dependable network that gives users a wide range of options.

To begin with, there are numerous benefits to joining XRP. This open-source decentralized network fosters environment-friendly features such as energy efficiency and carbon neutrality.

XRP offers enhanced scalability, with more than 1.5k transactions per second. Moreover, XRP offers unimaginably low charges for transactions ($0.0002) and exceptionally high speeds (the average transfer is finalized in 5 seconds maximum).

Stellar – A Leading Peer To Peer

Stellar (XLM) is a p2p (peer-to-peer), decentralized network. The XLM intends to facilitate the connection between financial institutions around the globe and assist stakeholders in payment processing.

Another critical feature of XLM is the technology involved. The project is centered around distributed ledger technology. It owns an open-source development procedure and is operated by its community. Since its inception, XLM’s focus has been on individual traders rather than institutions, which helped the project to expand and grow.

XLM is the primary token empowering the Stellar platform. Token holders are provided discounts while trading digital assets at low rates. All activities and trading taking place on the platform use XLM. Generally, the platform alters the money in a few seconds, turning it into XLM before trading it for the currency requested.

Big Eyes Coin – Cuteness And Utility

Intending to revolutionize the meme world and break the typical joke fact about meme tokens, a new crypto Big Eyes Coin (BIG), is here. The platform intends to bring rich utility culture to the meme world enhanced by the flavor of community welfare and charity plans.

Although the BIG platform hasn’t even stepped into the market by any actual means, it has already done a lot in accepting users, wealth generation, and bringing innovative and practical features. BIG promises to be a DeFi token that would be completely community-oriented. It aims to create the crypto world’sworld’s most powerful crypto community.

BIG’s Tokenomics

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has a maximum supply of 200 Billion BIG tokens. According to the whitepaper, 70% of this supply is reserved for the public presale. 20% of the total tokens will go to exchanges. The BIG platform aims to use 5% of the token’stoken’s supply for the welfare of oceans. And remaining 5% of the BIG collection will be used to market the token.

How To Purchase BIG?

BIG is out on its presale journey. Currently, it is at stage 7 of its pre-booking. Want to have hold of a BIG pile? All that you need to do is use your crypto wallet that has ETH, USDT, or BNB. Then go to the official website of BIG platform or their presale page and pick the number of tokens you need and get them in exchange for the tokens present in your wallet.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is here to provide safety, entertainment, scalability, decentralization, and social services. It aims to bring forward a great DeFi platform.

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