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Top 3 Eco-Driven Cryptocurrencies of 2023 –Solar Coin, Big Eyes Coin and C+ Charge

Cryptocurrency is flourishing as a wider audience becomes aware of climate change and the importance of securing liquid/digital assets. With the deceptive and often untraceable nature of cash, cryptocurrencies avoid counterfeiting by the design of a complex network of computers that record and verify each transaction. Though crypto offers more security and transparency, it negatively impacts the environment.

Through Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, we can see the  harmful effects of climate change crypto can and will continue to produce. Carbon emissions for mining a single bitcoin rose from 0.9 tons in 2016 to 113 tons in 2021—a 126-fold increase. As initiatives to minimize our collective carbon footprint become more urgent, investors are in favor of greener options, creating the demand for companies to adjust their missions to align with climate justice. With more than 4,500 mineable coins and tokens in existence, which cryptocurrencies are taking accountability for their fossil fuel energy use and investing in sustainable practices?

SolarCoin aims to incentivize verifiably produced solar energy

SolarCoins can only be mined through solar power, making it one of the most environmentally efficient cryptocurrencies. SolarCoin offers 1 Solarcoin for every Megawatt hour generated from solar technology.

Releasing little to no greenhouse gases, owners of solar panels can continue minting tokens and growing the profile of a genuinely environmentally friendly token. This Network relies on users uploading documentation to prove energy generation. This process may one day be streamlined with automatic updates from solar arrays.

C+Charge is incentivizing drivers to switch to electric vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicle sales have boomed in recent years, but fossil fuels still power the majority of vehicles on the road.  Tesla is revolutionizing the way we drive and displaying just how lucrative carbon credits can be, having generated $679m in revenue in the first quarter of 2022 alone. However, many drivers cannot afford EVs or are put off by the difficulties and accessibility of recharging them.

C+Charge will attempt to solve those issues by incentivizing EV ownership and offering information on recharging stations – including waiting times and pricing. The rewards come through carbon credits, which are permits that allow holders to offset their carbon footprint by funding eco-friendly projects, with one credit equalling one ton of CO2 emissions. C+Charge will also democratize carbon credit ownership, with the asset class currently dominated by big businesses.

BigEyes (BIG) aims to incentivize investors to conserve the world’s oceans

BigEyes is committed to contributing 5% of all tokens to marine conservation charities like Orca Network in an effort to help revive and conserve the world’s oceans.

Currently in its presale stage, BigEyes coin is available for purchase for under $1, making it feasible for any investor to make a contribution. Support of charitable organizations is a crucial part of its platform, having already made donations prior to the coin’s launch, which is a testament to BigEyes commitment to environmental change.

Every Little Bit Helps

Whichever you choose, these coins are progressive shifts toward a more environmentally aware world. A cleaner ecosystem and green currency. BigEyes has raised $20.27 million so far and is working hard to build an environmentally aware community. Make sure you claim bonus tokens by using the promo code: LAUNCHBIGEYES200

Find out more about BigEyes Coin (BIG) by following the links below the article.

BigEyes Coin (BIG) Links

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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