The joy of adding any crypto asset to your portfolio is to see them add significant contributions to the value increase of your crypto holdings. Presently, the last thing any crypto investor wants is a repeat of the previous year’s market trend. Thus, there’s a need for a thorough evaluation of crypto assets to prevent this. The market is generally improving, and any loss at this moment will be due to your purchase option rather than the market condition. This increases the need to be careful with your choices.

However, some cryptocurrencies can still impact your portfolio positively and increase your potential returns. Huobi token (HT), Near Protocol (NEAR), and Big Eyes (BIG) are part of them. The altcoins have the tendency to improve the value of your crypto holdings at a point in time, but they’re less beneficial if you desire instant gratification. Patient investors can consider the altcoins.

Huobi Token (HT) gives Voting Rights and Discounts to Holders

Huobi Token (HT) is the utility token of the leading crypto exchange, Huobi Global. The crypto asset performs governance and utility functions on the exchange. It gives holders voting rights, helps users enjoy discounts, and allows them to access some of the latest crypto offerings on the platform.

The crypto asset performs similar functions to BNB in its Binance ecosystem. However, unlike top crypto assets, it’s not a universally accepted medium of value transfer yet. The increasing popularity and constant adoption of Huobi Global as a crypto exchange could improve the Huobi token’s market value and prominence.

The crypto asset had a good bull run in 2021, setting an. an all-time high of $39. Huobi Token (HT) hopes to meet this ATH again as it prepares to rally from its dumped price, making it likely to impact your portfolio positively.

Near Protocol (NEAR)’s Smart Contract Platform

Near Protocol is an easy-to-use dApp building and smart contract platform with functionalities similar to Ethereum (ETH). It’s a suitable protocol for developers, especially in the web3 space, and uses the latest technologies to ensure optimal functioning. The decentralized protocol uses a unique scaling solution, Nightshade. It increases the platform’s scalability and ensures high efficiency.

Near Protocol uses account names as addresses instead of the conventional cryptography address format. The user-friendly protocol also uses a unique consensus algorithm which ensures it remains secure and functional. NEAR, the protocol’s utility token, fuels activities on the platform.

It’s a profiting crypto asset with rapid value increase. NEAR set a $20+ all-time high during 2022’s Q1 before the effect of the crypto winter heightened. While it has suffered a price dump since then, it remains in contention to significantly impact your portfolio before this year ends.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Creating A Huge Buzz


The buzz around Big Eyes (BIG) isn’t going down anytime soon despite the meme coin nearing the end of its presale. Big Eyes (BIG) have progressed seamlessly through each stage of its growth phase, raising $30 million. The community-focused meme coin has gained the trust and acceptance of top crypto investors, as many believe in its tendency to meet and exceed the success level of past meme coins.

The crypto project will focus on ensuring continuous wealth circulation in DeFi by improving adoption and entry into the ecosystem. It will equally focus on a part of earth’s ecosystem protection contributing much quota via charity. The non-profit-oriented project will ensure community members do not lack incentives or wealth-building opportunities, ensuring the community remains ever-supportive.

Big Eyes will run on the Ethereum network. Its ERC 20 token, BIG, will back low-cost transactions in its swap and facilitate the trading of digital items on the platform’s marketplace. The meme token will ensure the proper distribution of rewards and incentives to the community. Top investors looking for high-impacting long-term purchases should join the meme coin’s presale before it’s too late.

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