The advent of cryptocurrencies has changed the way in which investments are perceived. The concept of investment which was once limited to material goods and tangible money has now advanced into intangible, digital assets. This revolutionary concept has not only changed the perception of investments but has also paved the way for innovation. The crypto community is now finding creative ways to help investors gain financial stability and progress. In light of this innovation, we have seen some unique concepts emerge and gain immense popularity. One such concept is meme coins that were initiated by the OG Dogecoin which showed the investors that memes have more potential. Following the pattern, SignUp Token is all set to turn its subscribers into millionaires with just a simple Email. Let’s learn more about this unique crypto.

SignUp Token: Invest Using Your Email!

SignUp Token is a new cryptocurrency that is yet to launch. However, unlike other cryptos, this one is not following the traditional route of presales or ICO. The goal of this token is to create a strong community of one million investors via a simple signup process. Signing up doesn’t require any prepayment on your part, only your email would suffice. The investors who sign up for the SignUp Token will receive a message that will update them about the launch timing of the token and a proposition to purchase the tokens ahead of time without any extra costs.

Think of it as a formal invitation to the millionaires club where only the early birds get the worms. Since the goal of SignUp Token is to gather one million subscriptions before the token formally launches and drops in various crypto exchanges, now is the time to avail of this offer before the token reaches its one million mark. With SignUp Token, you practically have millions to gain while nothing to lose as there is absolutely no prepayment required. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up using your email now and secure your spot in the VIP party!

Dogecoin & Shiba Inu Still Asleep While The Crypto Race Revives

During the terrible winter winds that hit the crypto land, many cryptos went into hibernation mode in an attempt to preserve their energy. Dogecoin & Shiba Inu; the OG meme dogs that were leading the crypto race and representing the meme coin industry among the top 20 cryptos, seem to be slowing down at an alarming rate. Although most investors believe that the crypto winter is finally over and the crypto roads are defrosting once again for the race to begin, we see no signs of our meme dogs. It’s almost as if they are unbothered by the surroundings as Dogecoin continues to lose even after losing 13.22% in the last seven days. Shiba Inu, on the other hand, has lost 11.92% in the last seven days and it is still slumping. If these top dogs don’t bounce back anytime soon, they will end up losing their spot in the top crypto rankings.


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