Big Eyes vault pin for free loot!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has just released a vault pin to access more prizes from its game-changing loot boxes! Loot boxes are randomized bonus prizes, most commonly experienced in video game formats. Big Eyes brings loot boxes to intersect with blockchain technology, giving their investors a chance to win up to 5000% with their purchases. The biggest crypto presale in the last two years continues to rise in numbers and prizes. Using the code 819, investors who spend over $100 at checkout can access additional loot boxes for free and win up to $1000! The more you spend on your initial purchase, the bigger the loot box prize you are able to access.

The possibilities with Big Eyes loot boxes are always BIG, random, and exciting! Prizes start from The Saver Tin, at $9.99 with a possible maximum prize of $500. The Cute Box, at $99 with a maximum prize of $5k. The Kitty Box, at $499 with a maximum prize of $25k. The Super Saiyan Box, at $999 with a maximum prize of $100k. And lastly, the master prize, the Excali-Paw Chest with a maximum prize of $1,000,000! WOW!

And the best part? With each loot box purchase, no prize will be less than your initial buy-in. This aspect of Big Eyes loot boxes is a massive appeal, as everyone in the big Eyes community is truly a winner!

Binance under scrutiny

U.S. regulators have increasingly placed the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange Binance under tight scrutiny. Currently, new reports suggest that the exchange’s global arms were more interconnected with the U.S. than previously described. Binance’s divisions are supposed to be independent of each other. Binance Coin, the exchange’s digital token, has fallen nearly 7% in the past week as negative headlines continue to flash red.

Binance claims to not have headquarters and to shield its overseas operations from U.S. oversight. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, this may not be true. Binance and Binance U.S. have been sharing staff, and finances, as well as an affiliated entity. This was discovered through the interviews, documents, and messages reviewed by the journal. It is possible that Binance developers in China have had access to US holders’ digital wallets and customer data by having a shared software code.

What does this mean to U.S. regulators? The S.E.C. (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is keeping a very close eye on Binace’s affairs. A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers demanded more information on Binance’s activity, claiming that a stew of illegal financial activity is being facilitated by the currency exchange. Over $10 billion in payments to criminals and sanctions evaders is suspected to have been moved across Binance’s platform. Earlier this month, one of Dogecoin’s largest ‘Whales’ transferred 190,840,745 worth of (DOGE) crypto assets, $15.5 million worth, to the Binance market in a single transaction.

Tesla cuts prices in the U.S. again

Business mogul Elon musk’s electric vehicle company Tesla announced a price cut for two of its most expensive electric vehicles in the United States, offering a 4% discount for its Model S as well as a 9% cut for its Model X to revive sales. These price deductions amounted to as much as $10,000 cuts. Musk has repeatedly promised to bring down prices to drive demand after the success of having done so with global orders from January.

Perhaps Musk does care about sustainability nearly as much as he does money. However, Tesla has not responded to these comments.



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