Big Eyes Coin(BIG) and Polygon(MATIC) are two crypto assets to watch out for, as both bring some unique value to the market that could translate to returns for holders of both tokens. Big Eyes Coin(BIG) is one of the most hyped new memecoin projects and has raised over $30 million on presale; this is the kind of memecoin you want to bet on being successful. The new memecoin takes a unique approach to the memecoin landscape and has paid off well in terms of community growth and presale momentum.

The presale started getting traction since they raised $1 million in the first week, and since then, it has had decent momentum leading to increased confidence in early buyers. This is majorly sparked by the fact that it is a memecoin. Memecoins have always been the best narrative-driven tokens and could go as high as the community imagines. The presale allows investors some early entry and exciting profit margins.

Polygon(MATIC) has been one of the most impressive cryptocurrencies in the landscape and is looking to spearhead the mass adoption of blockchain tech. The network has had a great trajectory in the past few months and is in a race to bring the first zero-knowledge EVM( Ethereum Virtual Machine) to the market.

More on Polygon and zk-EVM

Polygon(MATIC) is a blockchain network designed to help Ethereum and other compatible networks improve, grow, connect, and perform better. The network is particularly revered for its scaling solution and has built a reputation as one of the most highly efficient networks for high-volume transactions at low cost. The network has been tested for its DeFi capabilities and is also preferred for NFT trading because of its zero-gas feature.

Polygon is looking to launch the zk-EVM, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution enabling the network to transact at greater speeds and lower fees. The innovation is still in its early phase, but it is proposed to be able to onboard massive users and process high-volume transactions at lower fees. This is a peculiar feature because new users in the blockchain landscape have to be introduced to one of the most convenient channels to roam the blockchain without feeling the friction of using new technology.

Polygon has secured some impressive partnerships with huge web2 firms in the past two months, and most crypto enthusiasts believe we are closer to mass adoption than ever with Polygon.

Big Eyes Coin(BIG) – The Cat-Themed Memecoin

Big Eyes Coin(BIG) is a cat-themed memecoin inspired by the need to do something different with crypto memes and create a new narrative. In the past few months, memecoins haven’t had the usual momentum they are known for, and some of the reasons include the market condition and the same overwashing of dog memes.

Emerging projects have been looking to replicate the success of memecoins like Dogecoin(DOGE) and Shiba Inu(SHIB) and, as such, have been adopting dog memes. However, dog memes are now like stale jokes, and cat memes have become the new meta for crypto jokes as Big Eyes Coin has built some interesting momentum off this new narrative.

Big Eyes seeks to create wealth using the utilities available to the ecosystem via the Ethereum network. With a focus on DeFi and several innovative features, Big Eyes can create a protocol that gives back to the community and other projects outside of the community. The NFT utility will push the meme narratives and serve as an access ticket to community events and more content.

Big Eyes is quite on track to become the next big memecoin breakout. It would be bad to miss out on an opportunity like that, so join the presale here and buy the token for cheap.


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