As crypto has entered a bull market and looks to have shaken off the memories of a bearish 2022, there is a renewed interest in tokens to invest. Here are three tokens that are well worth the attention of investors. Bitcoin (BTC) is an obvious entry since the premier crypto has had a superb week in the market. Ripple (XRP) is another token that has a lot of potential. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a challenger to the established order in the altcoin space. These three tokens are projected to be good investment options and well worth the attention they’re getting.

Golden Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. New Virtual money concept.

Before the news about bank collapses in the US, times look bleak for Bitcoin. The collapse of crypto-friendly banks like Signature and Silicon Valley Bank was interpreted as a real blow for Bitcoin and crypto at large. But the collapse of banks and the unhealthy state of the banking sector have not set off a Bitcoin rout; quite the opposite, Bitcoin is scaling new peaks.

Bitcoin has risen 13.93% in the last week, extending its dominance in the crypto market with a market cap of more than $544 billion. BTC is trading at $28k and is projected to test the crucial barrier of $30k, awaiting news from US Fed rate hikes. As the banks and the traditional financial system start to look rickety investors have given Bitcoin renewed attention as a more stable investment in times of crisis. The token also benefits from the sentiment that the Fed may temporarily pause quantitative tightening to stave off the threat of more bank collapses.

Ripple is a token that is undoubtedly going to be in the news for a time from now. The altcoin has had a great week, with prices rising by 13.90% in the last 24 hours. The XRP Ledger facilitates cheap, fast and scalable transactions and has green credentials. The Ripple Ledger has a wide variety of use cases in areas as diverse as payments, DeFi and NFTs.

The current bull run in the crypto market has taken XRP to highs unseen since November last year. Ripple’s rise cannot be attributed to the market’s upbeat mood alone. Ripple Labs, the creators of XRP, has been fighting a court case against the SEC. The lawsuit against SEC was filed after SEC wanted XRP to be treated as a security. There is a belief that the case will have a verdict in favour of Ripple Labs. Such a verdict will have a far-reaching impact on the crypto world. The hope of a favourable ruling is also fueling XRP’s rise. Considering these factors, XRP could be the crypto of choice for investors with its strengths and immediate positive outlook.


Big Eyes Coin is the latest crypto on the meme coin bandwagon, and the crypto has been in the news for its incredible presale. The cat-themed crypto has raised a whopping $32 million and is well on its way to hitting the $50 million mark ahead of schedule. The Big eyes stands out from the rest of the pack with its community engagement and outlook on climate change. Big Eyes plans to keep 5% of its total liquidity in a charity wallet. The funds in the wallet would be donated to charities worldwide.

Big Eyes is currently in the 12th stage of its presale, and its presale is unlike any in recent crypto history. The cat crew has also made its presale interesting with offers and bonanzas. One such offer is the ‘Loot Boxes’, which multiplies the purchase of BIG tokens by members of the Big Eyes community. The latest bonus code, ‘BULLRUN250’, promises up to 250% more BIG tokens on every purchase above $100.

Big Eyes will launch after hitting the $50 million mark and finishing the 15th stage of its presale. The brilliant response to its presale is an indication of the faith of the investors, and it could be a signal for prospective investors to buy up on BIG.

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