The cryptocurrency market is finally seeing a recovery from the dark hurricane that was the crypto winter. Although tragedy once again struck with the collapse of certain banks recently, the market has been performing phenomenally. Many coins that suffered great losses in the beginning are slowly returning to their former thresholds and this season is seeing many new coins preparing to make their entrance into the market.

Cosmos and Polkadot have been doing major things these past months that have had a great impact on their value. Cosmos has seen a rise to one of its highest values and Polkadot has made, quite possibly, the partnership of the century. Big Eyes Coin is rapidly turning out to be one of Dogecoins and Shiba Inu’s biggest rivals.

ATOM: Shooting For the Cosmos

Cosmos (ATOM) had dubbed itself as the Internet of Blockchains as it aims to create a united network of cryptos that will streamline transactions between themselves. The main focus of the blockchain is to create customizability and interoperability and foster an ecosystem that can share data and tokens without a central party.

Recently, ATOM has proposed to be the security partner of Neutron, the smart contract DeFi platform. In this agreement, Cosmos Hub will receive 25% of the transaction fees and 7% of the NTRN token supply. If this agreement is approved, Cosmos will launch its Atom Economic Zone, which will solidify its position as a reserve currency.

The announcement of this and other new projects have greatly impacted the price of the blockchain, causing a surge of over 140%, bringing its value to a new high of $11.

Polkadot: Better Partnerships, More Success

Polkadot has made some impactful moves in the crypto market recently. Known as one of the most innovative blockchains in the market, its ecosystem is dedicated to solving some of the common problems faced on blockchains, like scalability and security.

Polkadot has spent these few months forging strong partnerships and relationships with other key players and working on integrations.

In early April, it was announced that Polkadot will be exploring the AI space. A partnership with PEAQ and FETCH.AI was forged to unlock the AI potential of Polkadot, enabling developers to optimize and automate business processes in their ecosystem. Furthermore, Polkadot has also partnered with the social media network MeWe to provide Web3 security layers so that users’ data is safely stored.

Big Eyes Coin: 300% Ready to Launch

Big Eyes Coin is one of the most impressive meme coins to ever hit the presale market. In the space of 8 months, the platform has already raised $35 million of its $50 million goal. This rapid growth can be attributed to their amazing promotions and other lucrative opportunities. With the presale ending very soon, there is sure to be an influx of users to drive the price higher.

The platform has constantly had bonuses running throughout the presale, with the rewards increasing as they grew. The current reward is a 300% bonus with the purchase of any loot box, which has a payout of up to a million dollars. Users can unlock this with the code END300. Furthermore, Big Eyes Coin now has an entire NFT collection that users can acquire, mint, and trade at a later stage, making it perfect for investors who are long-term oriented.

Join the Big Eyes Coin’s presale while the fun lasts. Use the super promo code END300 and join the presale conclusion festivities.

Altogether, the future of the crypto market is beginning to look healthy again. Many platforms are building their new upgrades with the hard lessons of the winter in mind, and are working to once again build the trust of investors and provide the best experience possible. These partnerships are essential in growing the market and proving why it is essential to make cryptocurrency mainstream; not only because of its financial potential but also because of its security capabilities.