In the world of cryptocurrency, new projects and companies are constantly emerging, each vying for attention and investment from the ever-growing community of crypto investors. Lens, a web3 social media protocol, recently launched a new “layer 3” network to scale blockchain social media apps. Another promising new development in the crypto sphere is; an emerging token toting big potential and promising to make one million millionaires by 2025. Read on to find out more.

Lens – Social Media For Web3

Lens is a web3 social media protocol that aims to provide a decentralized alternative to traditional social media platforms. Using blockchain technology, Lens allows users to control their own data and enables them to monetize their content without relying on centralized corporations. The recent launch of their new “layer 3” network, Bonzai, is intended to increase scalability and enhance the user experience. By processing and storing posts, comments, and shares of the Polygon network, Lens can provide instant posts, enabling users to interact with the platform in real time. – Millionaire Maker is a budding crypto project with an emphasis on community and transparency. It boasts many enticing features such as its crypto referral program which rewards both the referrer and the referred; incentivizing users to refer as many people as possible and aiding in the growth of the community. Another thing is’s no-presale mantra which means that everyone that signs up using an email account has an equal shot at buying the tokens once they become available.

XRP – Fast And Loose

XRP is a digital asset that is designed to enable fast and secure cross-border transactions. It is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network, which is a payment protocol that allows banks and financial institutions to send and receive payments with low fees and high speed. XRP is used as a bridge currency in these transactions, allowing different currencies to be exchanged seamlessly. With its focus on solving the inefficiencies of traditional payment systems, XRP has gained a significant following in the cryptocurrency community.

Litecoin – The Silver To Bitcoin’s Gold

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google engineer. It is often referred to as the “silver to Bitcoin’s gold” due to its similarities to Bitcoin, but with some key differences. Litecoin transactions are processed four times faster than Bitcoin transactions, with lower fees. It also uses a different mining algorithm called Scrypt, which allows for mining on personal computers without the need for expensive specialized hardware.

Crypto is always an exciting business to be in, with the frequent development of new features and projects, and the constant improvement of the old ones. This is why we’re excited to see rising the way it’s doing. This underdog is distinguishing itself from the competition with its unique features such as its crypto referral system and its low cost of entry. What would one fear when all that is required is an email address? So join today and refer your friends to get the most out of

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