The crypto market is eyeing a bull run in 2023, with Collateral Network (COLT) leading the way. Collateral Network has reinfused bullish sentiments in the market, as it is predicted to grow by 100x in 2023, and establish new records. 

In this article, we will see how Collateral Network has emerged as the best investment option, surpassing the popularity of ApeCoin (APE) and Ethereum (ETH). 


ApeCoin Daily Active Users Increase

Amid the ongoing market turbulence, ApeCoin has been on a downward trend. As the global NFT market has shrunk, ApeCoin has witnessed a fall in its value since the last three months. At press time, ApeCoin (APE) was down by 25% on the monthly price chart, and was trading at $3.18.

However, analysts have pointed out a positive statistic about ApeCoin, which can give a push to the market value of APE. According to the data by Santiment, the number of ApeCoin daily active addresses has recorded a surge of 100% in May. 

The data revealed that ApeCoin active users have increased from 1,251 to 2,502 between April 30 and May 10. Experts believe that it can spur the activity involving ApeCoin in the upcoming months.

Ethereum Network Malfunctions

The Ethereum network suffered a malfunction for a brief period on May 11. According to some Ethereum developers, the network was unable to finalize transactions for about 25 minutes. They also clarified that the issue was fully resolved, and the Ethereum network did not suffer any outage.

During the incident, blocks were getting proposed on the Ethereum network but not finalized. Meanwhile, the price movement of Ethereum has taken a downturn. The market value of Ethereum has plummeted by 5% in the past month. Consequently, the trading price of Ethereum (ETH) has come down to $1,769.38.


Collateral Network Strengthens Investors’ Portfolios

Collateral Network assists people in borrowing money using tangible assets. It is the world’s first platform that offers loans against real-world assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, Collateral Network has garnered massive market acceptance since its launch. Collateral Network provides loans against a wide range of tangible assets, such as diamonds, fine wines and more.

When borrowers send their assets to Collateral Network, the internal team assesses and evaluates them, before storing in the company’s secure vaults. Next, the platform mints NFTs that are 100% backed by collateralized assets of borrowers. These NFTs are purchased by investors, who are also entitled to set the interest rate for loans before lending funds.


The platform returns the collateralized assets to borrowers’ addresses, following the final settlement of loans. Thus, Collateral Network helps people borrow money against assets without losing ownership. It has implemented 2FA security options to ensure transparent, safe, and accurate transactions. Additionally, all contractual information is stored in the metadata of the NFT.

Collateral Network’s presale started at $0.01, which has now increased to $0.014. The value of Collateral Network (COLT) is forecasted to surge by 3500%, to $0.35, before the presale round culminates. Only presale COLT investors will get registered in the platform’s VIP members club. So, do not miss this golden opportunity to enter into the millionaire investors’ list.

For more information on Collateral Network visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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