The web has greatly increased our capacity to create. Between Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Photoshop, and the plethora of app development and graphic design tools, we have significantly advanced beyond our years.

The creation of crypto was a paradigm shift in our thinking about how capable we are and the power we have. The first coins gave us a glimpse into the potential of the web and thereafter, with meme coins, an entirely new stream of thinking was unleashed in the market.

Meme coins have greatly impacted the market and have the power to connect with their audience in a way that no other crypto could. But it is not only the concepts that have attracted swarms of investors to their doors. Mobile gaming has come a long way since the infamous snake games and Tetris. Now, people have the chance to make a fortune from wherever they are comfortable.

With the advancements being made in the web3 dimension, mobile gaming giant Gala Games is taking full advantage of this by launching its first web3 poker platform. Similarly, Rollercoin has emerged as a trailblazer in the mobile gaming industry by allowing users to mine Bitcoin without paying outrageous electric bills or buying gaming cards. Big Eyes Coin is weeks away from launch and has a special gift for their new, prospective community members – coin sales at early-stage prices.


Gala Games – Bringing A Full House To Web3

Gala Games is a prominent presence in the mobile gaming community. It allows players to earn GALA crypto – the native token – and have access to NFTs and exclusive digital assets as rewards for participating in tournaments and playing the various games on the site. Gala Games has a wide range of mobile gaming genres ranging from strategy to puzzles, to battle royales and even simulations, creating a holistic gaming experience for every player.

One exciting upcoming development within its gaming ecosystem, PokerGO Play, is a Poker game with an immersive experience. In partnership with poker streaming company platform PokerGO, it plans to launch the Web3 social game which will allow users to enhance and upgrade their players whilst collecting real-world prizes.

It has already released its 1, 326 Genesis NFT collection which will serve as all the possible hand combinations, and this collection is valued, in cumulative trading volume, around 52 Ether, with a floor price of 0.01 ETH.

Rollercoin – Rolling In A New Era Of Crypto Gaming

Rollercoin is much like any other mobile gaming platform in the market except for one difference –  it is labelled as a crypto mining simulator. The platform allows you to gain real coins whilst playing. This implies that you do not have to spend endless hours researching and perfecting your knowledge of crypto mining. You simply play any of its games, learn the basics of mining and collect your coins.

The simulation gives users five main areas of operation: starting with their “room” where they have a “desk”, “PC” and “racks” for their miners. Thereafter comes the crypto games area to choose a game and the store where they can buy what they need for activities like mining and crafting, along with a season pass for additional rewards. Following this is the marketplace where they can trade their earnings with others.

This brings a new level of fun to engagement and crypto education as it is essentially incentivized learning. This further motivates their community to constantly interact with the platform and have a vital role in maintaining its liquidity.

Big Eyes Coin – All In for Top Gaming Experience

Big Eyes Coin is a storm in the market although still in presale. Due to its launch on June 3rd, the platform has maintained its popularity since its first month and has gathered an astounding number of investors and other community members. It has constantly delivered the most outstanding rewards to its investors through its promotions and mobile gaming products.

One integral part of its roadmap is the Casino that will launch in August. This will contribute to the liquidity of the platform and will encourage the community to remain engaged. The casino will offer over 4,000 mobile games plus various Play-to-earn (P2E) games which can all be paid out in $BIG. These tokens can then be used at other points on the platform, which gives users an additional incentive for investing and collecting tokens.

Join the final weeks of the presale now. Purchase your tokens, collect $BIG, and prepare to earn BIGGER rewards!

In conclusion, crypto has advanced beyond any leagues we could have possibly imagined and has been the catalyst of advancement for many other areas that we thought to be limited, like mobile gaming. The industry, as a whole, has brought light to previously untapped potential in the market that many are now taking full advantage of. Although this gives us only a glimpse into the true power of the industry, it however makes us optimistic about the future and the change that will come soon.

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