Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Andrew Tropeano, Host

Andrew Tropeano

Andrew Tropeano, is an owner and the host of NewsWatch. He is also a Washington, DC resident.  With over 18 years experience in journalism, Andrew joined the NewsWatch team in 2010.  He is passionate about technology, entertainment, travel, and consumer news.

Susan Bridges NewsWatchSusan Bridges, Special Reporter

Susan Bridges, the original host and face of NewsWatch, is a Washington, DC resident.  With over 20 years of experience in journalism, Susan began anchoring for NewsWatch in 2001.  She is now a special reporter for NewsWatch and host of Biz Report and HealthWatch.

Scott Steinberg NewsWatchScott Steinberg, Special Reporter

Over one billion people have turned to world-famous technology, business, and parenting expert Scott Steinberg for insight into the latest consumer, business, and youth trends.  Scott is a regular NewsWatch contributor for Tech Report, AppWatch, Biz Report, and the annual Back-To-School special.

eric NewsWatch HostEric Forrest, Mobile Technology Reporter

Eric Forrest, a mobile technology reporter for NewsWatch, is a Virginia resident.  With multiple years of experience in journalism, Eric joined the NewsWatch team in 2015.  He is passionate about digital technology and mobile applications.  Eric regularly covers app related segments on AppWatch.

Amanda Forstrom NewsWatchAmanda Forstrom, Technology Reporter

Amanda Forstrom, a technology reporter and analyst for NewsWatch, is a Maryland resident with experience in film, television, and theater.  She joined the NewsWatch team in 2015 and is the current host of Tech Report, a popular series that explores the newest and coolest technology gadgets and services on the market.

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