Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Control YouTube from Your Lock Screen with Newest Update

By: Nick Gambino YouTube sent a convenient update out to iOS users with little fanfare this week. Those who use Chromecast and throw their YouTube videos up on a TV can now...
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Online Etiquette: When To Turn Your Smartphone Off

By: Scott Steinberg Mobile devices have truly taken off over the past few years: We now live in a world where there are more cell phones than people. What’s more, we’re also...
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Social Media Etiquette: What’s Ok To Share Online?

By: Scott Steinberg Social networks are one of today’s most popular forms of online communication, as utilized daily by billions of users worldwide. But they’re also among the most public and visible...

Walmart Now Offers Free 2-Day Shipping

 By: Nick Gambino In an e-commerce world where Amazon is king, companies like Walmart are trying to carve out a piece of the action for themselves. Walmart’s recent decision to offer free 2-day...

Google Translate App Translates Text with Camera

 By: Nick Gambino  With Google Translate’s newest update users can now translate from Japanese to English with a simple point of the camera. Before this new feature was introduced you were able to...

Star Wars: Episode VIII Gets a Title – What Does It Mean?

By: Nick Gambino Star Wars movies are slated to hit theaters pretty much every year from now until who knows when, with The Force Awakens and Rogue One having already opened to...
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Huawei’s Latest Mobile Challenge

Written & Edited By: Andrew Tropeano The Chinese tech firm Huawei have slowly been building a fantastic reputation for their smartphones that offer all of the power of their more well-known rivals...

Small Robots Will Start Making Deliveries to Your Door

By: Nick Gambino Starship robots have been making their way around other countries delivering orders directly to doorsteps but now we’ll start seeing them here in the U.S. Postmates and DoorDash have struck...

Internet Dangers For Children and Ways to Prevent Them

Children and teens today are more tech-savvy than ever. Having grown up with the technology we've seen evolve so quickly over time. But even when your kids have as much technical know-how...

Airbus Promises Flying Car Prototype by End of 2017

By: Nick Gambino Just as we were getting used to the idea of a self-driving car on the road, here comes Airbus with the idea for a self-FLYING car. As a brilliant solution...

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Here is What’s Gone Down at CES 2021 So Far

By: Nick Gambino CES 2021 is rolling toward the finish line and the first-ever digital version of the electronics show has not failed to...

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